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How to Give Your Body Permission to Dissolve Fat “Like Popping Bubble Wrap”

popping bubble wrap

The following are excerpts from a collection of interview questions asked during expert consultations with Dr. Moricz and form part of Chapter 3 from Body Hormone Balance Revolution.

Interviewer: Dr. Moricz, just to remind our audience that two thirds of the adults in the United States are either overweight or obese and, further- more, there is an unprecedented rise in childhood obesity. Is this really the fault of the American public?

Dr. Moricz: There certainly are cultural and attitude issues toward eating, exercise and weight control. However, from the 1970s and ‘80s, the American Diabetes Association took a position on carbohydrates [sugars] that probably contributed more to the rise of diabetes and obesity. More specifically, it was decided prematurely that low-fat diets would be superior to the current dietary recommendations of the time. What this meant was that more than 50 percent of calories would be derived from carbohydrates, or sugar, to create a low-fat diet. It has been shown through weight management studies that low-fat diets have higher failure rates than almost any other type of diet. And for the purposes of our discussion, by encouraging increased carbohydrate consumption, the American Diabetes Association provided the seeds for the rise in overweight and obese adults.

Interviewer: So, are you in favor of restricting carbohydrate sugars?

Dr. Moricz: Well, first it’s important to define that there are different types of sugars [carbohydrates] that have different assigned glycemic load and glycemic index values. Glycemic index and glycemic load reflect how the body’s blood sugar will react when different types of these sugars are eaten. So basically, these numbers will give information to people concerned about causing unnecessary sugar elevations in their blood by helping them choose carbohydrates that are less likely to do that. Just as important is looking at other factors that may affect blood sugar levels as well.

First, fiber is extremely important since this might reduce the spike of the sugar after the carbohydrate is ingested. Next, the relative ratio of protein to carbohydrates will often determine how much of an insulin response is necessary to handle the sugar while still achieving appetite suppression. Still, the beneficial use of fats in a diet may actually help reduce the spike in sugar that would be much higher if a person were not to use any fat at all.

So, essentially, what is being asked is, “What is a ‘hormonal’ approach to weight management?” This is based not on calorie counting, but on what certain foods do to hormones, such as insulin. There are different ways of thinking about this, but consider this—there is a way to eat daytime meals that only minimally elevates necessary insulin levels three times a day—if at all. Put differently, there is a way of structuring an eating plan that may not require the body to elevate insulin markedly through the day and, therefore, avoid the regular effects of insulin on fat storage, while allowing stored sugar molecules to be used for energy burning.

Interviewer: For those whom are not familiar with your background and hormonal expertise, how would you describe how balancing hormones relates to weight control?

Dr. Moricz: I’m glad you asked that question. As you know, youth is perfect health, and when you are able to tune people’s hormones back to their twenty-year-old blueprint, weight management approaches take on a new level of success. That’s why I really believe that it is futile in many cases to even take a multi-layered approach without first considering returning people to their twenty-year-old hormonal blueprint. Because think about it again: When you’re twenty and you need to lose fat, you certainly can cut back on calories and add some exercise with some incredible results. Taking advantage of that blueprint allows this system to achieve this more quickly, more pleasurably, and with more long-term success. Without understanding the hormonal aspects of weight management, I think a lot is being missed.

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Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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Is Aging Inevitable?

aging person

Yes, you heard it.  Is aging before your years the norm?  Everywhere you go, everyone you look at, everybody seems to be telling you the same thing “you are aging before your years.”

Before we get to the solution, it is critical to understand the reasons.  There are two main causes of aging.

  •  Number one is genetic.
  • Number two is random events.

First, what are the genetic causes of aging?  There are several theories that support genetics.  Everything from cells having a certain limit of division, which means basically they can only multiply so many times, after which they die.  The other theory is that DNA chromosomes have a point to which they shorten and cannot divide any further.  Still, there are theories on pre-programmed cell death which means cells stop dividing altogether.  Still, other theories talk about defects in DNA when they multiply, just like a copy machine that sometimes makes bad copies.  And finally, aging cells secrete compounds that shorten the lifespan of different organs and cells.

What are the random event causes of aging?  Several theories explain aging by random events.  This can mean wear and tear, accumulation of toxic substances, including waste production that damages cells and makes them die faster.  Free radical theory describes oxygen molecules that react with cells.  And what this means is that when your body does not have enough antioxidants, it cannot protect itself.  Another popular theory is the mitochondrial aging theory, which says that these powerhouses which produce energy get damaged over time and accelerate aging.  And there are still other theories on cross-linking of cells which make them stiff as well as other theories of how glycation (damage by sugar products) cause damage to cells including nerves and blood vessels.  Also important is the theory of a poor immune system which leads to increased infections and damage to cells.  And lastly, but perhaps most importantly is the failing hormonal system theory of aging.  This is based on hormone level decline between ages 25 and 80, with loss of up to 50% of hormone levels.

So what theory seems to be most important and what produces the best results?  Certainly all these theories contribute to the damage of cells and what we call aging.  Premature aging occurs clinically between the ages of 30 and 50.  Oftentimes clients will come to me in their 50s and can still reap the benefits but have already 30 years of premature aging that has not been controlled.

There is also the issue of hormone secretion patterns during the night and day that are not working to their maximum potential.  For instance, there is a sleep hormone which is highest at night and receptors in the body are also highest at night, but lowest in the daytime.  As this rhythm disappears, it causes disruption in sleep.  And as many of my clients have found out, this affects other hormones and causes metabolic as well as immune problems as well.   Another example, as people get older, receptors of the thyroid hormone decrease between ages 30 and 60 by more than 40%.  So the hormone is less effective and causes disruption in blood flow, metabolism and immunity.  It also does not counteract other hormones which work in a symphony.

So what is the solution to the problem?  As you can see, there are multiple theories of aging and it can be very confusing unless you had a proper evaluation.  As a fundamental principal of the hormonal blueprint system, described in Chapter 2 of Body Hormone Balance Revolution, you had your perfect hormonal blueprint at age 20.  For all the details, be sure to devour every page of Chapter 2 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution.  If you’re wondering how you could reap all the benefits of anti-aging, be sure to call Alicia at (903) 306-2215 to see how you can avoid the disability of pre-mature aging which, in turn, causes disruption in your energy, relationships, affecting the way you look feel and perform every single day.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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Attention All Men Ages 30 – 65: So called “health foods” are shrinking your manliness…

effects of estrogen dominance

For all the men who feel frustrated by what they haven’t been told…  For all the men who feel disappointed in what their doctor or the nutrition section of the store has given them as a solution, and for those men who are secretly seeking the solution to regaining their manhood, what I’m about to share with you is probably one of the most closely held secrets that the medical establishment including your doctor, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and wellness experts have been withholding from you.

So many men have been told to start eating “the so called healthy foods.”  Men have been subjecting themselves to eating veggie burgers, grilled poultry and what I call disguised health foods that, in fact, are robbing you of your manhood every single day.

So what am I really talking about?  In the last 15 years, the men that I see as clients have gone from subjecting themselves to these ridiculous and toxic to their health “healthy foods” to once again enjoying life with better sex, flabby free body and the endless energy they once enjoyed in their 20s.

So what is the golden secret to this problem?   The answer lies in ESTROGEN, the very hormone that was designed in women’s bodies to make them women.  And what I initially realized in many women who were suffering obesity, was that they were making too much of it.  And not only were some of them making too much of it, many were also getting an added dose from their environment which includes the foods they eat and all the things that they are exposed to from plastics and chemicals used in everyday life.

So what does this have to do with men?  Well, after “cracking the code” of neutralizing  too much of the wrong estrogen in women and realizing that once I had regulated their estrogen to a healthy zone, they were free of many of the problems with weight, anxiety and healthy sexuality that they once enjoyed with the man in their life.

So then I thought, well why would men be not exposed to the very estrogen producing compounds in the environment if they were being told to eat these “so called health foods” that many women were already eating.  Duh, they were eating the exact same foods.

So, if you’re still listening, you can imagine my amazement as a medical doctor who was seeing men because of all these “Low T” commercials and realizing not only was the pharmaceutical industry not addressing the testosterone issue, but they were turning a blind eye to estrogen.  So, here I was seeing men and helping them balance their male hormones among other hormones and as soon as I started to control the effect of estrogen – women’s hormone – they started to regain their manliness.  What I also realized is that when I started to control the flood of estrogen by all the “so called healthy foods,” chemicals and environmental sources of estrogen, their manliness went up another notch.

So where is all this estrogen coming from? 

  • It’s being injected into meat like chicken.
  • It’s being given to you in genetically modified foods.
  • It’s being given to you in soy.
  • And your body can’t stop absorbing it from chemicals which you are getting in everything from plastic bottles, plastic bags, and industrial chemicals from detergents to shampoo to soaps and pesticides and fertilizers.

And what is this doing to men’s bodies?  Well, it is giving you that Michelin man look with man boobs, bulging gut, mood issues and an inability to perform sexually like you did when you were in your 20s.

And so what is the solution?  The research that the big pharmaceutical companies don’t want to do and the task that your medical doctor has no incentive to do and your insurance companies which make a living off obesity related prescription medications (high blood pressure, diabetes medicines, anti-depressants) certainly don’t want to tackle.

And so why would I try to help men on this issue? 

  1. I’ve already been doing this for men.
  2. There is no way that I can see every man who is already suffering with this problem and get them a solution without getting the word out.

And what is the word?  The word is that through the use of Estroflush, which neutralizes the effects of Estrogen in your body, men undergo a transformation that returns them to clear thinking, lean and sexually capable beings that they used to be.

And so how does Estroflush work?  As an Estrogen neutralizer, it blocks the Estrogen receptors and eliminates these Estrogen compounds from the body.

And so you may be asking me – Dr. Moricz, if you know so much about preventing conversion of male hormones to female hormones in your male anti-aging hormonal patients, wouldn’t that be enough?  And the answer is simply, “no.”  As much as I can control the balance and imbalance of hormones and predict like a chess game what will happen if I don’t figure out the steps that your body is going to take with transforming a good hormone into a bad one, …  But these so called Estrogen- like products (in other words, all the things I listed earlier) look like Estrogen to your body even if they truly aren’t being produced in the body, and ultimately, that gives you the problems with the female hormone Estrogen in your body.  Even if you were completely not interested in improving your sex life, your body composition and your ability to mentally and energetically function, it will still accelerate thickening of cholesterol in your coronary heart vessels and increasing your overeating behaviors.  So, in other words, you’re “really screwed” if this problem isn’t taken care of.

And so why can’t I go to my regular doctor?  Well, your regular doctor will probably do several different things to help you with your “low T” problem.  They may have even taken an interest  in trying to block the bad effects of male hormone to female hormone conversion.  But in fact, the reason why after several months of that therapy you’re right back to where you started is all this Estrogen is binding up the availability of the male hormone they gave you in the first place.  In other words, you really haven’t gotten very far, and you’re not experiencing the benefits I have seen in my male hormonal clients.  It is at that point that you will be asking me why can’t I do Estroflush?  And the answer is you can.  And the sooner  you do, the quicker that you can rid yourself of the feminizing effects of Estrogen so that you can start performing and feeling like you did in your 20s and perhaps avoiding a heart attack in the near future.

So what is in the Estroflush that makes it so unique?  Estroflush is an exclusive professional formula which sources a natural extract which blocks your female hormone receptors, even if you are being bombarded.  It also contains a lignan extract which eliminates Estrogen and Estrogen look alike compounds from your body.  And what that means is that it is flushing out Estrogen – which is a female hormone – out of your body.

So, what is the next step?  Well, in order for you to prevent the environment, including foods, from shriveling your manhood, you need to take ONE SIMPLE STEP.  And what I’m going to do is make sure that this one simple step saves your manhood so that you can regain your youthful sexuality, lean body and focused mind in record time, even when nothing else has worked.

Fill out the information below and I will send you a 30 day supply of this high quality professional grade Estroflush with a money back guarantee.  In other words, if after 30 days for any reason you will get your money back with no explanations, no restrictions, so that you have my complete assurance that this is one of the best steps you have taken all year to preserve your manhood.

P.S. – Oops, I almost forgot to let you know, that I will be sending you a free copy of my radio show The Missing Ingredient That is Killing Men absolutely free without any obligation to invest in Estroflush.

Dedicated to restoring your manhood,

George F. Moricz, M.D.

Injecting Bacteria Into Your Body…

bacteria in body

Medical Controversy:  What are they trying to do, kill us?

Yes, it’s true.  Scientists are designing protocols as we speak for injecting bacteria into different parts of the body.  A recent study on 242 people is based on doing just that.

First, a word or two about bacteria that normally live in different parts of the body.  Many of you have heard about prebiotics and probiotics and wonder if industry is leading science.  In other words, has the push to have everybody taking some form of supplementation to increase normal bacteria or taking the bacteria itself really proven?

Let me just say this – YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TOLD THE ENTIRE PICTURE!  And I’m about to “spill the beans” so that you are not left in the dark.

What you are about to discover over the next several weeks when I see you, is the precise answer to the problems that the scientists are trying to address, BUT are not addressing.  What am I talking about? 

  • Most of what I’m about to tell you is based on not just the bacteria itself, but the pH and the interactions of hormones and nutritional balance in the body.  A word or two about pH.  We often hear about how acidic or basic something is.  In other words, when you look at a car battery, a lot of times you hear about how acidic it is.  In other cases, something like baking soda is basic.  This is a balance between hydrogen ions and bicarbonate ions.  Think about it this way – your body has a delicate balance so that the cells may survive and the balance of things like acid and things that buffer it like bases is a fundamental principal of chemistry that actually has a lot more to do with your health than you can think.  This is really as much a part of the solution as is actually introducing bacteria that are under populated or have been replaced by other bacteria that don’t belong.
  • Hormones in certain parts of the body are also known to have a role with regenerating tissue and helping the balance of bacteria which in effect is related to control of pH.
  • Lastly, there is no denial that it would be ideal to replace certain healthy bacteria in certain parts of the body, but it must be done in the setting of balancing other components as well, such as nutrition and hormones.

So what are you going to discover over the next few weeks when you see me?…

  • Why reducing this type of bacteria on the skin is not the complete answer for protecting your skin and maintaining proper pH and skin care.
  • How only replacing this type of bacteria without control of pH in the stomach and ultimately protecting the lining of the gut, will not give the results that are being advertised.
  • How trying to replace this type of bacteria in the bladder without controlling the amount of acidity is not likely to give the results that you have heard about.
  • How introducing this type of healthy bacteria is less important than using this type of hormonal therapy in women to balance the vaginal environment which ultimately reduces infections like yeast and bacteria.

But as you can tell, none of this will ever really help you unless you ask.  So here is the most important thing that I’m going to ask you to do:  Make a list of the body parts that are causing you trouble and you would like to heal with these INSIDE SECRETS.  Once you have written these down, bring this list to your next visit and I will show you, not only which of these healthy bacteria replacement protocols will help you, but also the ones to avoid.  As part of these “over the top” solutions, you have the simple reassurance that you will be using the proper therapy to avoid infection and breakdown of body parts including the skin, gut, bladder and genital tissues, using the latest proven technologies available to members of the Body Hormone Balance family.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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