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A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way!

woman working in garden

If you have not exercised recently or often, then it can be hard to get motivated.  Doubts of whether or not you are exercising properly and being somewhat intimidated by the whole exercise process is very common.  There is good news:  exercise doesn’t have to be lifting heavy weights at a gym or running on a boring treadmill!

There are a variety of things that can count as exercise.  The important thing is that you get your heart rate up.  For some people, this could mean just walking up and down the stairs in their home.  Taking a walk around the block at a good pace is a great way to exercise, especially if it has been a while since you have done a lot of physical activity.  Also, when going to the store, don’t drive around searching for the closest space you can find.  Try parking toward the back of the parking lot and getting in a little bit more walking exercise.

The important thing is that you stay active!  Do what you can and find something that you enjoy.  Even gardening can be exercise!