Part 3: How the Recent “Devastating News” About Angelina Jolie is Exposing Another “Silent Killer”

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Part 3:  How the Recent “Devastating News” About Angelina Jolie is Exposing Another “Silent Killer”

 That’s right, the recent devastating news on Angelina Jolie is shedding light on a seldom discussed but “silent killer” of women:

  • It is the 7th most common cancer for women in the world.
  • It generally attacks women between ages 50 and 59.
  • In 75% of the cases it is advanced beyond the early stages.

What is this less commonly discussed cancer killer?  Ovarian cancer has a lifetime risk of 1.6% of women with no family history.  This increases to 5% in women with a family history.  In women without an increased risk by way of family history, testing will only predict its occurrence 3% of the time! 

So what does Angelina Jolie’s breast cancer risk have anything to do with ovarian cancer?  There is a known increase in incidence of ovarian cancer in women who develop breast cancer.  In women who test positive for the BRCA gene mutation (the most commonly discussed  breast cancer family gene), the risk can be as high as 46% lifetime probability of ovarian cancer.  And what this means for someone like Angelina Jolie is not only is she at an increased risk of developing breast cancer had she not undergone surgery, but she also carries an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer, too.

Beyond the scope of our discussion are the treatment controversies in women before menopause (around age 50) as well as after menopause concerning blocking natural hormone effects to decrease breast cancer development.  But what is clear is in this small group of women who have an increased risk for either breast and/or ovarian cancer, they must undergo close surveillance and sometimes very aggressive treatment.

But what about most women who do not have a family gene for breast or ovarian cancer?  The worry running through most women’s minds is what should they do.  One of the biggest problems identified in the last article was that women, even at lower risk for developing breast cancer, are not compulsive enough with starting base line mammograms at age 40 and following through with annual screening that has been shown to catch breast cancer earlier than without screening alone.  The real question that many may be asking is what about ovarian cancer itself.  This is very difficult, because in many ways, like PSA testing in men for prostate cancer, the current basic tumor marker testing combined with ultrasound, is better at telling women that they don’t have it (which is most women) than predicting that they will get it.  On the other side of the argument is that many unnecessary surgeries and interventions for removing ovaries and blocking estrogen receptors, would not only diminish the quality of a woman’s life, but may also have its own set of risks including osteoporosis and earlier heart disease.

So, what resources do women have when they are not at increased risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer and yet still want to be sure that the type of hormonal therapy that they’re receiving is actually more beneficial than risky.  One of the main reasons that individual hormonal expert consultation is required before the initiation of any hormonal regiment, including that of replacing female hormones, is seeing what would help a woman and not put her at increased risk.  In fact, I even see women who have been treated for breast cancer or are at increased risk, and have custom tailored the therapy to reduce risk and increase benefit.   One of the benefits of concierge medicine is that you can deliver a “personalized approach” and ultimately create a quality of life for women so that they can enjoy their daily relationships, activities and optimism toward a healthier lifestyle.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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One of the secrets of youth is to lie about your age UNTIL NOW….

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One can often see the signs of “aging” in 9 out of 10 women between 25 & 45. In fact, I have seen girls as young as 18 starting to show the signs of aging that should not even appear in women of 40. See, over the years patients have listed complaints concerning “showing age” that just cannot be ignored. For a start, many start to complain about lines around their mouth and eyes. In others, there is noticeable sagging of skin beneath chin. Still others complain about tell-tell creases in the neck area. The fine silky skin of youth begins to look unhealthy and drawn out. Still other patients complain of physical sagging of the breast area which become heavy. In other women, layers of fat begin to show in different parts of body. The hair starts to gray out prematurely and become thin. Others have complained that their eyes instead of being clear and bright look “muddy” and lack luster. Others complain of growing belly fat. This is only a partial list of some of the apparent physical effects of “aging”.

Worse than the above physical complaints are the indirect effects. For all the zest and energy of life seems to have been drained in women suffering from this condition. She may complain of feeling “half alive”. She complains of waking up tired and dragging through the day. More often than not with no real medical diagnosis, she really is “a sick woman”. She often suffers from small illnesses- everything from headaches and indigestion to anxiety. Her temper flies off the handle and she feels irritable. Her whole perspective and approach to life changes. She can no longer draw on the laughter and joy of her younger years in her daily life. People around her complain that she no longer wants to play. She no longer wants to see people and be active. Partners often complain that she has stop loving and she has difficulty expressing herself in a loving way. In other words, she is acting old, seems old, feels old, IS old. So no matter how you look at it she is old, no matter her stated chronological age. Here is the simple truth. Few women realize, youth with all its charm and glory has nothing to do with age, but the condition of one’s body either because women do not care or do not know better, allow their bodies to become aged.

I could say this a thousand times and brand it in on the hearts and minds of women everywhere. You can easily control “chronological age” very, very easily. What it requires is just a little thought, little time and an indulgence into the secrets of unleashing youth. Not only can you totally remove the unhappy signs of early age that may have already surfaced but you can avoid them ever resurfacing for years. See, true age is eventually inevitable. But if you do not age in a healthy and graceful way, then instead you will age early, suffering unnecessarily and living pitifully.

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There are secrets that you have “not” been told and it’s been intentional. If you believe that everybody knew secrets to “keeping young” then you would expect everyone to avoid the ravages of early aging. But as you know that’s not the case and there’s a good reason for it. Because these secrets have been kept from you. So what do the divas and Hollywood types and women of famous societies do? Well they are certainly tapping into youth and vibrancy. See, this is not just aesthetically important, its financially important to their future. So, it really doesn’t matter if you’re doing it to look good or feel good. The fact is that someone else is doing it for one or the other reason. The interesting thing if only women from age 16-80 only knew that there really is a system with these secrets. They would avoid the things that “show age” in a woman. Some of these described people have emerged as “a new woman”. But really what is there to prove, if you don’t mind letting “age” show in you?

If you feel as though your body is not what it used to be or should be, you’re not as energetic and healthy, and things are breaking down where it shouldn’t be breaking down, well that’s an aging body which is unnecessary before its time. For those who are completely satisfied with this early aging, this is certainly of NO interest. If you are completely satisfied with your health, the early signs of ravaging aging, and completely content to follow the path of people who have not sought out these secrets, then STOP reading here. Those of you who would like to tap into a “1st time ever offered” glimpse into a treasure trove of never before disclosed secrets from a well-respected hormonal expert, this may be your glimpse into a more youthful you.

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Part 2 – The Hidden Truth about NOT MISSING the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in Women

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What are some cold hard facts about breast cancer that women must truly know?

  •  What was the reason that from the 1980s until 1994 there was an increase in breast cancer rates?  With the increase in use of screening mammography, more breast cancer was diagnosed.
  • And how was the diagnosis made?  It was made by an abnormal screening study or breast exam either performed by the patient or a clinician.
  • How far advanced were these cancers that were diagnosed between the 1980s until the mid 1990s?  Most were considered early stage or in situ (which means that it is bordering on developing into an actual cancer but it is contained. 
  • Why is it that there was a sharp decline in breast cancer starting in 2003?  It was at this time that women were avoiding post-menopausal hormone therapy (pharmaceutical brand).  There was a Women’s Health Initiative report in 2002 that created alarm on the role of these pharmaceutical based hormones with shown association with increased breast cancer rates.

What do women need to know about the different imaging studies for screening breast cancer?

  •  What is the most well studied type of imaging study?  Film mammography, which has been extensively studied has undergone a number of randomized controlled trials which showed a critical step in diagnosing and potentially reducing the mortality of breast cancer in women.  The larger argument is the proven age of screening and frequency of screening.  It has clearly been shown that for women 50 and older, that breast cancer diagnosis is unquestionably justified.  And emerging data shows that in women 40 and older, the use of film mammography decreases breast cancer mortality as well.
  • What about newer digital mammography?  There are advantages, especially in women with more dense breasts and women less than 50 years of age when using digital mammography.  One disadvantage is that digital mammography may have a higher false positive (in other words normal breast but an abnormal result) in this group of women.
  • What about using computers to help read mammogram patterns?  Overall use of computer aided detection helps pick up breast cancer but may also increase the recall rate.
  • What about the use of an advanced technique such as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)?  Aside from the increased cost, screening breast MRI may be more sensitive for the detection of invasive cancers in women at high risk for breast cancer.  As far as picking up cancers, it may do better than mammography.  However, it may do worse when trying to exclude truly normal breasts.  And what this may mean is increased alarm and biopsies for women who would not be at high risk.  Therefore the combination of MRI and mammograms is recommended in women who have a high risk of breast cancer, which means greater than 20% lifetime risk. 
  • What about thermography?  Even though the FDA gave breast thermography approval because of safety, but not necessarily efficacy, thermography centers have sprouted all across the country.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to use it as a screening tool because even if it may pick up true breast cancer, it is difficult to exclude normal breast tissue based on breast skin temperature alone.  What is known about thermography is that it has a high false positive rate of 25% which would mean that 1 in 4 women who had normal breasts would be given alarm that they might have cancer.

 And so what is the take home message for women?

  •  Having breast imaging study by way of mammogram has lowered breast cancer mortality which is a hard fact to argue with.  No one can entirely take the place of the doctor who is seeing the woman for making an individual choice on breast cancer screening and so therefore the final decision is deferred to the physician and patient relationship.  Care must be taken not to recommend advanced imaging techniques which may create more alarm and unnecessary biopsies or further tests and also not recommend technologies that have not shown good reproducible characteristics that are valuable as a screening tool.
  • And so what about the hormonal therapies that have been pharmaceutical based as well as compounding pharmacy based with regard to breast cancer risk?   None of the creams, patches and pills have ever been shown, either by the pharmaceutical or bio identical compounding pharmacies to not increase risk of breast cancer.  What is known, and I will show you at your next visit, is the only known hormone, when given in a special way, that actually decreases the proliferation (growth) of breast tissues, which explains why there is no known increase incident when this hormone is used in the right way.
  • And so why do we think that overall breast cancer mortality is decreasing?  It is not entirely clear whether better and earlier screening, or better treatment modalities based on the type of breast cancer cells is the main reason.  The bottom line is “get in touch with a doctor that handles breast cancer imaging screening so that you do not miss any of the hidden truths about missing the diagnosis of breast cancer. 

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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Metabolic Syndrome: A Deadly Concoction!


big belly man

You may not have heard of Metabolic Syndrome; however, you probably have heard of the conditions that, when combined, create it.

The group of conditions that contribute to Metabolic Syndrome are:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Elevated glucose levels (high blood sugar)
  • Extra fat around the waist
  • Unhealthy cholesterol levels (High LDL/Low HDL)

Each of these conditions, on their own increases your risk of serious diseases!  However, combined, they drastically increase your risk of diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

In fact, according to WebMD, the combination of these conditions can “double your risk of heart and blood vessel disease… and increase your risk of diabetes by five times.”  And that’s not even taking into account the other risk factors that each individual condition creates all on its own!

There are multiple risk factors associated with Metabolic Syndrome!  Risks increase with age.  For example, approximately less than 10 percent of people in their 20s have Metabolic Syndrome; while around 40 percent of the population in their 60s have Metabolic Syndrome!

A family history of type 2 diabetes or a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease or any one of the conditions associated with Metabolic Syndrome could increase your risk of the others.

A waist circumference of 40 inches or larger for men, and 35 inches or larger for women, could also increase your risk of Metabolic Syndrome.

Some of the best ways to improve your health and these conditions are steps you can start taking right away, including losing weight and eating healthy.  If you have any or all of these conditions, please call us today on (903) 306-2215.  We’ll create a customized program to help you lose weight, feel better, look younger and get the most out of life!


Should All Women Be Tested For Hereditary Breast Cancer – Like Angelina Jolie?

Dr. with woman

The spotlight is on preventive mastectomy (removal of breasts), which was recently highlighted by Angelina Jolie.  After testing for the genetic breast cancer gene and  her mother’s history of breast cancer from which she died at age 56, Angelina has brought much needed attention to the QUESTION – Should all women be tested for hereditary breast cancer? 

First, a word or two about breast cancer.  Every year 207,000 invasive breast cancer cases are diagnosed in the United States.  40,000 women are reported to die from breast cancer every year.  Risks include age, genetics and use of estrogens with synthetic progestin.  85% of cases are found in women age 50 and above.

With all the attention on breast cancer cases, it is well documented that most are spontaneous cases – which means that they arise on their own.  Women have a 12% risk of developing breast cancer throughout their lifetime, if they do not have the genes for breast cancer.  This can be as high as 60% if they have the breast cancer gene.  Women who have a family history, but no evidence of the genetic cancer gene, have an elevated risk over twice that of the normal population.

Since over 90% of the cases are spontaneous (occur on their own and are not related to breast cancer genes) and 6% of cases are related to genetic breast cancer genes like BRCA1 and BRCA2, this calls into question whether everyone should be tested.  There has been a breast cancer model that is designed to predict risk of breast cancer but has many limitations.  And then there is the reality that many women, regardless of family history, do not get tested in time, if at all, for breast cancer.

So, today, I will do an overview of these issues and in a following discussion look at breast cancer screening itself.  As a start, it is well known that there are different ways to screen for breast cancer and most societies recommend starting at age 40 unless there are histories that would require earlier screening.  Follow up tests when the initial screening mammogram is abnormal can involve ultrasound or more detailed imaging studies like MRI.  There has been much debate on the frequency of testing with mammograms, with arguments as to whether it is needed every year or every 2 years.  Clinical experience by doctors like myself has seen people become diagnosed within a year of having a normal mammogram.  So in our next discussion, we’ll look in a more detailed way at the way mammograms as the current mainstay compared to other imaging modalities that have their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

So with all the attention on Angelina’s decision to have her breasts removed because of the breast cancer gene, the takeaway message is that breast cancer screening is still recommended for people without known family history or breast cancer genes.  And more importantly, because this is a cancer that strikes middle aged women, complications of breast cancer are highly preventable and manageable with implemented screening.  Ultimately, the decision for reducing breast cancer complications comes down to the relationship of the woman and her physician.  A good start would be a frank discussion about concerns of breast cancer screening and reasons that a woman would not want to do it at a certain time in her life.  Oftentimes having a mammogram every 1 – 2 years after age 40 becomes the issue and often presents with newly diagnosed cases outside of that window when a woman decides not to have regular follow up screening mammograms.

So as a great deal of attention is being directed toward the breast cancer gene, which for a select group of people is very, very devastating and may increase not only breast cancer but ovarian cancer risk, many women never get to undergo proper screening and may needlessly be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and die from this disease.  In the next few discussions, we’ll not only discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different types of breast imaging, but also look at the prevention and screening for ovarian cancer as well.

Dedicated to Excellence in Women’s Health,

George F. Moricz, MD

Diplomat of American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology


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If You’ve Lost 10% Or More of Your Weight and Regained It 3 Or More Times You Are Risking Death – Or Worse

Body Hormone Balance logoYes, if you’ve lost and regained weight 3 or more times, you’re already a statistic and you’re 30% more likely to have coronary heart disease.  You’re what I call a “lifestyle diet-addict .”  Truth is that more ARKLATEX residents are more diet-addicted than they are to drugs, smoking and alcohol combined.  Repeated failures and relapses are inevitable because diets treat the symptoms and not the cause of the problem…and diets address the food and not the real reason for endless fat gain.

THE PROBLEM isn’t food; I have been proving that for the last 10 years.  The problem is “What is going on inside you that drives your body to continuously store fat.”

THE SOLUTION to sustainable weight loss and control is “Your Hormonal Blueprint.”  The Hormonal Blueprint System is a proven, completely personalized program that roots out your own  body’s unique reasons that have been causing your metabolism to work against you.

Then – without resorting to weight loss scams (unproven diets, pill clinic medication or never ending gym memberships) it happens.  The Body Hormone Balance program gives your metabolism permission to lose fat and let the pounds come off forever. 

HOW LONG does it take?  Most people take golf and tennis lessons for longer than it takes Body Hormone Balance clients to produce impressive results.  VIP scheduling also available for busy clients.

CAN YOU AFFORD IT?  You’ve probably spent more on diets and health clubs.  The real question is, “Can you afford the increased chances of heart attack, strokes, cancer, high blood pressure and a dozen other life threatening illnesses… and the continued destruction of your self esteem?”

WILL IT WORK FOR YOU?  Yes – if you’re really committed.  That’s the most important part of  the Body Hormone Balance screening system.

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Stop Losing Out on Life Because of Your Weight!!

couple lost weight

Why let your health, career and romantic pursuits suffer because of excess weight?  Everything in your life is affected by being overweight and it won’t get any easier as you get older!  Now is the perfect time for us to help you shed those unwanted pounds with our proven program. Weight problems make everything you do more difficult and uncomfortable!

Simple tasks like getting out of bed or sitting in a car, restaurant, theater, sporting event, or an airplane become a challenge!  And that’s only half the story.  Unhealthy weight leaves you at a greater risk for diabetes, heart attack and stroke!

Live “Lighter” and enjoy life like never before!  Getting that extra weight off now, can improve the quality of your life – and your longevity.  That is why we are here for you!

Remember when it was fun to try on new clothes?  Exciting to meet new people?  A thrill to travel and having the peace of mind not having to worry about serious health issues?  When you don’t like what you see looking in the mirror and feel at a loss as to what to do next to protect your health – you need to talk to us.  We can help you!

This is your wake-up call.  It doesn’t have to be this way forever!!