Attention All Men Ages 30 – 65: So called “health foods” are shrinking your manliness…

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Your Body Hormone Balance

effects of estrogen dominance

For all the men who feel frustrated by what they haven’t been told…  For all the men who feel disappointed in what their doctor or the nutrition section of the store has given them as a solution, and for those men who are secretly seeking the solution to regaining their manhood, what I’m about to share with you is probably one of the most closely held secrets that the medical establishment including your doctor, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and wellness experts have been withholding from you.

So many men have been told to start eating “the so called healthy foods.”  Men have been subjecting themselves to eating veggie burgers, grilled poultry and what I call disguised health foods that, in fact, are robbing you of your manhood every single day.

So what am I really talking about?  In the last 15 years, the men that I see as clients have…

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SPLIT second decision…

CAN you keep a ‘secret’….

How one chance meeting CHANGED EVERYTHING that NOW magically happens ( almost effortlessly like clockwork) for so many women …

AND what is happening is that they are getting noticed in a very BIG WAY…

BEFORE I share my secret,  a word or two about

Split second decisions:

We all have them…

Moments that change our lives:

It might be the first time you met your spouse…

or when you first discovered the person who inspired you to pursue your chosen career…

or when you were introduced to your best friend or business partner.

Imagine how different your life would be if you hadn’t gone to that party, or attended that event or meeting.  What if you had decided to stay home instead?  How would your life be different now?

These are the moments you never forget and rightly so.  Because without these seemingly chance meetings and split second decisions, our lives would be completely different.

WHAT chance meeting do I credit for being a game changer for magically transforming the beauty of my VIP clients even when nothing else had every worked ( cosmetic procedures, beauty experts, and endless $$$ spent)

THIS was my secret: Making friends with the founder of digital skin imaging- a renowned inventor & physicist who was equally intrigued by my passionate interest & curiosity in what women really want for their skin & the “slight edge” it gives them in relationships & getting ahead in life…( oh , come on- you know it’s true !)

AGE OLD QUESTION: Why some women NEVER seem to age….
and some women unnecessarily age way ahead  of their years….

You NOW get to decide ( a choice)

What the ‘secret jewel’ of SKIN really is and what it is doing to transform the lives of those who take advantage of it…


In less than 3 minutes

YOU immediately skip years of frustration with an unfair advantage on the path to youthful skin

DISCOVER the hidden key to youthful skin in 3D


You have before you, at this very moment, a life-changing opportunity.  The chance to experience your very own SKIN BLUEPRINT in 3D ( & my VIP clients are already raving about this !).

But if you don’t hurry this too will pass you by.

Do you really want to be in the same place next year… aging skin… telling the world ‘how old’ you really are… promising yourself things will be different… doing the same repetitive skin regimen with poor return on the results (i.e.  when was the last time someone complimented you on ‘your skin’ ?)

When instead you could fulfill your secret desire for glowingly beautiful skin with all the advantages of being the magnetic center( and envy) of all your friends.

WHAT if you hate being labeled…




OR WHAT about  slow or  tired, or spaced out, or anxious, or ‘a loner’ …

Want to make sense of all this….
Where did all these labels come from ( and the medical diagnoses that are assigned to them)…
What is really going on…
A little background from Wikipedia:

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), offers a common language and standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders. It is used, or relied upon, by clinicians, researchers, psychiatric drug regulation agencies, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, the legal system, and policy makers together with alternatives such as the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD), produced by the World Health Organization (WHO). The DSM is now in its fifth edition, DSM-5, published on May 18, 2013.

The DSM evolved from systems for collecting census and psychiatric hospital statistics, and from a United States Army manual. Revisions since its first publication in 1952 have incrementally added to the total number of mental disorders, although also removing those no longer considered to be mental disorders.

While the DSM has been praised for standardizing psychiatric diagnostic categories and criteria, it has also generated controversy and criticism. Critics, including the National Institute of Mental Health, argue that the DSM represents an unscientific and subjective system.[1] There are ongoing issues concerning the validity and reliability of the diagnostic categories; the reliance on superficial symptoms; the use of artificial dividing lines between categories and from “normality“; possible cultural bias; and medicalization of human distress.[2][3][4][5][6] The publication of the DSM, with tightly guarded copyrights, now makes APA over $5 million a year, historically totaling over $100 million.[7]
Look at everything I underlined and bolded  above…
In other words, the mental health profession had to come up with a system, imperfect as it is, to satisfy insurance and drug companies and doctors…
In fact, each of these complaints ( moody, stressed, hesitant, slow, tired, spaced out, anxious, ‘a loner’ )has a legitimate hormonal reason– a fixable, manageable problem with a natural solution that I see and help everyday people with…
Could you be so different…do you deserve a label OR worse synthetic brain chemical altering drugs that are EVEN considered controversial by the doctors who prescribe them…
IF any of these labels bother you or someone you care about, make you feel embarrassed or helpless,
THEN what you are about to DISCOVER will forever change ‘all this’ immediately:
You may be suffering from “brain chemical burnout” and 2 minutes of your time will let you know…
Call my staff at 903-306-2215 or email to HELP you restore your natural BRAIN BLUEPRINT so you can smile & enjoy productivity & relationships again…

WARNING: FDA states ‘aging’ is not a disease

Stunning but true…


The agency that consistently has trouble regulating itself ( let alone your safety and health) reveals a ‘real shocker’ :

Sandy Walsh, an FDA spokes-woman, said the agency’s perspective has long been that “aging” isn’t a disease. ” We clearly have approved drugs that treat consequences of aging, ” she said. Although the FDA currently is inclined to treat diseases prevalent in older people as separate medical conditions, ” if someone in the drug development industry found something that treated all of these, we might revisit our thinking.”

What does this mean for you:

* there is a lot of money to be made by waiting for your mind and body to breakdown ( wait for CHECK ENGINE LIGHT !) by hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies

* there is less money to be made by hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies if getting older did NOT mean getting significantly sicker ( people would invest in therapies for living healthier and sexier not BANDAID-ING preventable illnesses after the fact )

* there is an INCORRECT assumption that the drug industry is the ‘best way’ to attack known diseases and that you MUST rely on getting the diagnosis and hoping the drug industry has an invested interest in stopping diseases many years before they hurt you ( HOPE is NOT a strategy, especially if placed in the FDA and drug industry)

What can you do NOW :

IF none of this alarms you, please ignore anything else in this very critical message,assume that what the FDA, drug industry, and doctors are telling YOU is ‘completely true’, and hope that in 20 years what is already known to be benefiting a ‘few and privileged few’ RIGHT NOW will someday help YOU when regulatory agencies publicly admit they were ‘wrong’ and unnecessarily withheld these already effective and proven “life changing breakthroughs” for people who are just like YOU.

To AVOID being a ‘helpless victim’ and DISCOVER the ‘big fat lie’ that keeps you from living a healthier and sexier life, IMMEDIATELY devour every word of CHAPTER 5 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution at

You will feel good about your decision, great about yourself and people will know it , too.

Could DOCTORS and 52 million Americans be wrong

Could 52 million Americans be WRONG about having to hurt when opening jars or tying their shoelaces, OR feeling “stiff and achy” all over, AND losing out on life because their knees “hurt”…

Could 52 million Americans be WRONG about OPTIONS

like drugs…(dangerous),

like injections ….(OUCH!),

or even surgery… (risky!)

THAT really doesn’t STOP the progression of the debilitating DISEASE we know as ARTHRITIS.

For everyone else WHO has reason to be skeptical about drugs, injections, and surgery, WHO knows “deep down inside” that there has been a ‘well kept’ SECRET from them, WHO wants to be FREE of arthritis symptoms and get back to living again within THREE WEEKS ….

That’s right—> THREE WEEKS

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By contacting me ( above), you could ‘turn back” 3 years, 13 years and maybe even MORE of the years already lost to debilitating arthritis AND move youthfully AGAIN !

OR you could stay stuck like 52 million other arthritis sufferers hoping for another miracle drug, injection or surgery.
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HYPE or NOT: Is your face really worth ‘170 Billion dollars’ ?

That’s right, the beauty industry has grown to epic proportions with 50 Billion dollars spent alone in the United States…

Sure, you want smooth, glowing, youthful skin…
You want to be the envy ( come on, be truthful) of your friends…
AND why NOTthe beauty industry is delivering on your investment ?!@# ?

Okay, well maybe NOT ( at all)…

What if there really was a GUARANTEED and PROVEN way to enjoy the skin you always wanted…
Without dermatologist visits,
Without expensive cosmetic counter visits,
Without injections OR surgery…

You would say “you have got to be kidding!” AND you would be justified.

What if healthy skeptics like YOU could DISCOVER what the “real truth” was on taking “ten years off your face in less than 10 days”?

YOU would be really skeptical — as you should —
AND what if the results were GUARANTEED — SUPER SKEPTICAL.

OKAY, I get it ! But aren’t you just a little ‘curious’ on HOW this is already happening everyday to once frustrated women who NO LONGER waste any money on this 170 BILLION dollar BEAUTY industry scam?

You should be… To be sure, let’s satisfy your curiosity.
That’s why YOU are about to preview FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER
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Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F. Moricz, M.D.

Founder of the Body Hormone Transformation

Proudly presented by Body Hormone Balance

Feel and perform like you did in your 20’s in record time even when nothing has ever worked.

And becomes the ‘secret reason’ no one sees you aging.