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Judy Henry – Winner of the Big Event Giveaway!

THIS COULD BE YOU AS SOON AS YOU CALL (903) 306-2215 and get started by inviting “friends and family” to Body Hormone Balance!

What would make 50 of the smartest and savviest people in the Arklatex endure 106 degree Texas heat to fill an overcrowded hotel room on a Thursday night and devour every word of the most “shocking and amazing” 60 minute confession and have one gentleman (because of what he heard) publicly boast “I’m going home to have sex with my wife.”

For everybody who was warned in advance about the shock waves that this BIG EVENT would produce….

For everybody who thought they had heard it before…

For everybody who could NOT and would NOT invest 60 minutes of their time, Dr. Moricz has agreed to share this BIG EVENT with you by calling (903) 306-2215 to reserve a recorded copy.

P.S. – We can’t guarantee that the above results (the very satisfied gentleman) will be typical for everybody, ONLY that it is typical for many clients of Dr. Moricz.

Last Chance: Only 2 Spots Left!!

last chance

Reminder:  RSVP by 5pm today to be part of something BIGGER and we mean a BIG EVENT where Dr. Moricz goes “off the record” for a fascinating evening dinner on the 8th of August.  If you are reading this then it may be too late to RSVP at (903) 306-2215.

Dedicated to Your Body Hormone Transformation,

The Staff at Body Hormone Balance

P.S. – When they’re gone, they are really gone!

Save the Date! Dinner Event With Dr. Moricz!

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The 30th of May is the much anticipated date of the Body Hormone Balance Revolution dinner with Dr. Moricz.  Please be sure to contact the office on (903) 306-2215 for details.  Dr. Moricz is pulling back the curtains for a “first time ever” look behind the scenes of what has revolutionized Texarkana and its residents.