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Judy Henry – Winner of the Big Event Giveaway!

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What would make 50 of the smartest and savviest people in the Arklatex endure 106 degree Texas heat to fill an overcrowded hotel room on a Thursday night and devour every word of the most “shocking and amazing” 60 minute confession and have one gentleman (because of what he heard) publicly boast “I’m going home to have sex with my wife.”

For everybody who was warned in advance about the shock waves that this BIG EVENT would produce….

For everybody who thought they had heard it before…

For everybody who could NOT and would NOT invest 60 minutes of their time, Dr. Moricz has agreed to share this BIG EVENT with you by calling (903) 306-2215 to reserve a recorded copy.

P.S. – We can’t guarantee that the above results (the very satisfied gentleman) will be typical for everybody, ONLY that it is typical for many clients of Dr. Moricz.

Skip Years of Frustration By Discovering This One Secret That Top Performing VIP Clients of Dr. Moricz Travel From Across the Country To Keep Them Ahead of the Crowd


Why do we see so many women dragging around and feeling so bad today?  Why do we hear thousands upon thousands complain of constantly feeling “BLAH”? Feeling gloom takes all the spunk out of life.  Why does beauty fade so fast?  Taking young women to the cosmetic counter to look like the latest Cosmopolitan cover model is not the answer. Instead, perfect health alone could accomplish the same thing.  Not knowing the simplest law of nature is really the answer. Without health you can’t be vibrant, strong, attractive, successful and certainly not happy. If you ignore the most important of nature’s laws, you certainly can’t be healthy.  Finally, beauty is based upon health and vitality with healthy blood and well-functioning activity of your glands and organs.  In other words, the outside of your body simply reflects the condition of the inside.  Beauty is the natural expression of genuine inner health.

Success in Vitality

Men and women who have incredible vitality have the most valuable treasure in life.  No obstacle or barrier can hold them back.  Most well-known great men have been men of unusual physical stamina, possessing the most energetic and gleaming inner personalities.  They have developed a manly strength, a youthful energy and vitality that have carried them through every obstacle in life.  Now, on the other hand, thousands of men and women suffer with what is to be considered an exceptional and potential short fall because of lack of physical stamina and all paths of life are feeling “drawn out” and energy-lacking.  People just can’t keep up.  See, real youth means unlimited vitality.  It means the reserve for endless energy to work or play.  It means a reenergized spirit.  It means a powerful, pleasing and magnetic personality. It means clear focus and a very active mind.

You can be quick, active and youthful at any age when your peers are graying and breaking down.  You can have unsurpassed vitality and plentiful energy and stamina to go with it.  You can even turn the clock back 20 or 30 years by merely tapping into nature’s simplest yet most important law.  But simply wishing will not do it – you must act NOW!

Body Hormone Balance, founded by George Moricz, MD, the leading authority in the integration of hormonal optimization, fatigue and weight management. Dr. Moricz has worked successfully, in his practice, with both men and women to help them gain back their youthful energy, focus, and sexual stamina.

Clients that come to Body Hormone Balance’s Center are experiencing life changing transformations. They had what they thought were medical conditions that were really hormonal imbalances, nutritional and metabolic disorders. Clients come to us for the Simple Certainty that they are completing a program individualized to meet their hormonal and metabolic needs.

Discover YOUR Hormonal Blueprint and increase your energy levels, rediscover your youthful sexuality, bring your weight back under control and get a level of focus and mental clarity you haven’t had in years!  Call (903) 306-2215 to get started.

Forbidden Fruit Or Hidden Treasure: Heating up your *!&%^@ Life….


Before we begin, let me share a true story about a very smart female client.  As a member of the Body Hormone Balance Program, she learned very quickly how there is a simple certainty of tapping into a youthful transformation.  There was one thing, however, that really bothered her.  So she came in to the office one day and shared the following:

“Dr. Moricz, I got your book Body Hormone Balance Revolution but have to confess I haven’t started it.  My real question is, what can be done to heat up {our} sex life? “  To which I replied “Well, you actually have read my book, or at least the cover, The Insider’s Guide To Supercharging Sexual Vitality.”

She looked puzzled because she realized that the cover had summed up the real reason that she had come to me in the first place.  We talked further and the discussion covered the fact that whether she had read the cover, one word, or the entire book, she had the simple reassurance that she was going to have a life changing transformation from where she was and what she would like to be.

In many ways, this reminds me of many of the smart and successful people who are members of the Body Hormone Balance family.  Some will come wanting not only to rediscover their youthful sexuality, but understand the process.  Others are quick to identify the successes that other people before them have enjoyed and are smart enough to get started immediately.  And still others who realize sooner or later that no matter what they have done in other places,  that nothing has quite worked like the system that has supercharged the sexual vitality of so many people before them.

Whatever the reason that you come to rediscover your sexual vitality, one fact remains.  As soon as you get enough of the right information and make the right decision, as this very successful female client did, you have the simple certainty of feeling and performing like you did in your 20s.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

P.S. – If you would like to discover the insiders secrets  to youthful sexual vitality, please go to  If you are having trouble finding Body Hormone Balance Revolution in your local bookstore, please call Alicia at (903)306-2215 to discover all the anti-aging secrets of the Body Hormone Balance program and why your transformation is closer than you really think.

P.P.S. – Something that has not been publically advertised is the female secret to enhancing sexual interest and performance because the pharmaceutical industry has conveniently not created a Viagra for women.  And so I had to do it for them and all my now very happy female clients.

P.P.S.  – Men, don’t despair, because over the next 2 weeks you will get an “insider’s peek” on what men have disclosed and will be released publically for the first time about what the Body Hormone Balance Program has really done for their sexual vitality and getting back their edge.  But if you really can’t wait, call Alicia at (903) 306-2215 to get this very closely guarded release that will make you feel like you should have asked for it earlier.

Dr. Moricz: “I Plead Guilty”


These were the words that flew from Dr. Moricz’s mouth during a recent radio interview.  It appeared that the interviewer voiced skepticism about the flood of success story testimonials of Dr. Moricz’s clients.  She even went so far as to accuse Dr. Moricz: “You are not just a doctor, YOU ARE in the youthful sexuality business!”  To which Dr. Moricz submitted, “you win… I guess you are right.”

Some of you may be chuckling because members of the Body Hormone Balance family have not been shy about their success stories and we all know it very well.  See, this interviewer was expecting to hear the SAME OLD STUFF:

“I lost _____ pounds.”

“I sleep restfully through the night.”

“I have so much energy that I look forward to my evenings.”

But instead the interviewer was SHOCKED AND AMAZED at the real stories that Dr. Moricz’s clients disclosed about their newly re-discovered sexuality.

See, most doctors in Texarkana don’t believe it either, how could a doctor dedicated to literally transforming the sex lives of everyday people overnight whose experience with doctors used to consist of prescriptions, more tests and office visits UNTIL NOW…  If we have caught your attention, then you are MORE SAVVY than most.  And being more SAVVY than most has its privileges.

So naturally, you want to benefit from this very magical process and so you will by clicking here to discover how Jack and Diane rediscover the fountain of youth.

How Some Straight Talk About The “WELL KEPT SECRETS” of the Body Hormone Balance Anti-Aging Program Will MAKE YOU FEEL AND PERFORM Like a Superhero…



It may sound like something from a SUPERHERO COMIC BOOK and maybe it should.  People both near and far are holding onto an anti-aging secret that has kept them feeling and performing like they were in their 20s.

And it may sound like the stuff of top performers and Hollywood superstars so you may be asking “What are the secrets of these savvy people and why should anyone in the ARKLATEX consider it for themselves?”

You may have a good point.  It’s POSSIBLE that no one should take advantage of this at all.  You know, many people believe aging will happen anyway, and what if you accelerate aging?  And what if your body breaks down sooner and what if you lose energy and every part of your body aches or is inflamed from the inside out?  And what if you depend on prescription medicines to get you through a day that sounds more like disability than really living it?

Well, if you’re still paying attention, then you may NOT be like most people and you may be part of the smart and successful few who see things a little DIFFERENTLY.

So what is all this talk about anti-aging?  And what are these “WELL KEPT SECRETS?”  Based on your very astute question, you probably have not gotten a copy of The Smart Person’s Guide to Anti-Aging. See, I could make a virtually certain bet that very few people have ever heard of this closely guarded secret and even fewer have taken advantage of the life changing transformations that this secret has to offer, but everybody could. ..

To supercharge your relationships, energy and avoid the premature breakdown of your body, immediately call Alicia at (903) 306-2215 to get your copy of The Smart Person’s Guide to Anti-Aging while copies last.

P.S. – The only real difference between the people who have been transformed by The Smart Person’s Guide to Anti-Aging and you is that they have already been given their transformation and you are waiting for yours.

Attention All Men Ages 30 – 65: So called “health foods” are shrinking your manliness…

effects of estrogen dominance

For all the men who feel frustrated by what they haven’t been told…  For all the men who feel disappointed in what their doctor or the nutrition section of the store has given them as a solution, and for those men who are secretly seeking the solution to regaining their manhood, what I’m about to share with you is probably one of the most closely held secrets that the medical establishment including your doctor, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and wellness experts have been withholding from you.

So many men have been told to start eating “the so called healthy foods.”  Men have been subjecting themselves to eating veggie burgers, grilled poultry and what I call disguised health foods that, in fact, are robbing you of your manhood every single day.

So what am I really talking about?  In the last 15 years, the men that I see as clients have gone from subjecting themselves to these ridiculous and toxic to their health “healthy foods” to once again enjoying life with better sex, flabby free body and the endless energy they once enjoyed in their 20s.

So what is the golden secret to this problem?   The answer lies in ESTROGEN, the very hormone that was designed in women’s bodies to make them women.  And what I initially realized in many women who were suffering obesity, was that they were making too much of it.  And not only were some of them making too much of it, many were also getting an added dose from their environment which includes the foods they eat and all the things that they are exposed to from plastics and chemicals used in everyday life.

So what does this have to do with men?  Well, after “cracking the code” of neutralizing  too much of the wrong estrogen in women and realizing that once I had regulated their estrogen to a healthy zone, they were free of many of the problems with weight, anxiety and healthy sexuality that they once enjoyed with the man in their life.

So then I thought, well why would men be not exposed to the very estrogen producing compounds in the environment if they were being told to eat these “so called health foods” that many women were already eating.  Duh, they were eating the exact same foods.

So, if you’re still listening, you can imagine my amazement as a medical doctor who was seeing men because of all these “Low T” commercials and realizing not only was the pharmaceutical industry not addressing the testosterone issue, but they were turning a blind eye to estrogen.  So, here I was seeing men and helping them balance their male hormones among other hormones and as soon as I started to control the effect of estrogen – women’s hormone – they started to regain their manliness.  What I also realized is that when I started to control the flood of estrogen by all the “so called healthy foods,” chemicals and environmental sources of estrogen, their manliness went up another notch.

So where is all this estrogen coming from? 

  • It’s being injected into meat like chicken.
  • It’s being given to you in genetically modified foods.
  • It’s being given to you in soy.
  • And your body can’t stop absorbing it from chemicals which you are getting in everything from plastic bottles, plastic bags, and industrial chemicals from detergents to shampoo to soaps and pesticides and fertilizers.

And what is this doing to men’s bodies?  Well, it is giving you that Michelin man look with man boobs, bulging gut, mood issues and an inability to perform sexually like you did when you were in your 20s.

And so what is the solution?  The research that the big pharmaceutical companies don’t want to do and the task that your medical doctor has no incentive to do and your insurance companies which make a living off obesity related prescription medications (high blood pressure, diabetes medicines, anti-depressants) certainly don’t want to tackle.

And so why would I try to help men on this issue? 

  1. I’ve already been doing this for men.
  2. There is no way that I can see every man who is already suffering with this problem and get them a solution without getting the word out.

And what is the word?  The word is that through the use of Estroflush, which neutralizes the effects of Estrogen in your body, men undergo a transformation that returns them to clear thinking, lean and sexually capable beings that they used to be.

And so how does Estroflush work?  As an Estrogen neutralizer, it blocks the Estrogen receptors and eliminates these Estrogen compounds from the body.

And so you may be asking me – Dr. Moricz, if you know so much about preventing conversion of male hormones to female hormones in your male anti-aging hormonal patients, wouldn’t that be enough?  And the answer is simply, “no.”  As much as I can control the balance and imbalance of hormones and predict like a chess game what will happen if I don’t figure out the steps that your body is going to take with transforming a good hormone into a bad one, …  But these so called Estrogen- like products (in other words, all the things I listed earlier) look like Estrogen to your body even if they truly aren’t being produced in the body, and ultimately, that gives you the problems with the female hormone Estrogen in your body.  Even if you were completely not interested in improving your sex life, your body composition and your ability to mentally and energetically function, it will still accelerate thickening of cholesterol in your coronary heart vessels and increasing your overeating behaviors.  So, in other words, you’re “really screwed” if this problem isn’t taken care of.

And so why can’t I go to my regular doctor?  Well, your regular doctor will probably do several different things to help you with your “low T” problem.  They may have even taken an interest  in trying to block the bad effects of male hormone to female hormone conversion.  But in fact, the reason why after several months of that therapy you’re right back to where you started is all this Estrogen is binding up the availability of the male hormone they gave you in the first place.  In other words, you really haven’t gotten very far, and you’re not experiencing the benefits I have seen in my male hormonal clients.  It is at that point that you will be asking me why can’t I do Estroflush?  And the answer is you can.  And the sooner  you do, the quicker that you can rid yourself of the feminizing effects of Estrogen so that you can start performing and feeling like you did in your 20s and perhaps avoiding a heart attack in the near future.

So what is in the Estroflush that makes it so unique?  Estroflush is an exclusive professional formula which sources a natural extract which blocks your female hormone receptors, even if you are being bombarded.  It also contains a lignan extract which eliminates Estrogen and Estrogen look alike compounds from your body.  And what that means is that it is flushing out Estrogen – which is a female hormone – out of your body.

So, what is the next step?  Well, in order for you to prevent the environment, including foods, from shriveling your manhood, you need to take ONE SIMPLE STEP.  And what I’m going to do is make sure that this one simple step saves your manhood so that you can regain your youthful sexuality, lean body and focused mind in record time, even when nothing else has worked.

Fill out the information below and I will send you a 30 day supply of this high quality professional grade Estroflush with a money back guarantee.  In other words, if after 30 days for any reason you will get your money back with no explanations, no restrictions, so that you have my complete assurance that this is one of the best steps you have taken all year to preserve your manhood.

P.S. – Oops, I almost forgot to let you know, that I will be sending you a free copy of my radio show The Missing Ingredient That is Killing Men absolutely free without any obligation to invest in Estroflush.

Dedicated to restoring your manhood,

George F. Moricz, M.D.

How they laughed when I told them about a breakthrough concept for transforming their health, beauty and sexuality…

How they laughed

That’s right fellow doctor colleagues laughed about a breakthrough concept that has already taken a more critical look at why people lack energy, sexual vitality, and weight control.

For the first time ever, I am spilling the beans on some of the most closely guarded secrets that have already been transforming the lives of Ark-La-Tex residents over the past ten years.

What you will find in Body Hormone Balance Revolution:

  • How ignoring these ‘two’ key facts prevents you from unlocking the door to your youthful recovery.
  • Why most weight loss programs NEVER have and NEVER will work for you.
  • How disruption in this vital part of the day is causing hormonal imbalance that is silently killing Americans.
  • What the secret formula ‘really is’ behind the life changing transformations of Body Hormone Balance clients’ beauty, body composition, and youthful sexuality.
  • The reason why you and over half of the people I evaluate on a daily basis have effective medical treatment withheld from them because of supposedly ‘normal lab tests’.

And here is the best part – all you have to do is devour every word of Body Hormone Balance Revolution offered by me, Founder of the Hormonal Blueprint System by calling (903) 306-2215 or

P.S. Not only do I get referrals from doctors that once laughed at me, but they have sent family and friends and have become patients themselves.