Part 3: How the Recent “Devastating News” About Angelina Jolie is Exposing Another “Silent Killer”

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Part 3:  How the Recent “Devastating News” About Angelina Jolie is Exposing Another “Silent Killer”

 That’s right, the recent devastating news on Angelina Jolie is shedding light on a seldom discussed but “silent killer” of women:

  • It is the 7th most common cancer for women in the world.
  • It generally attacks women between ages 50 and 59.
  • In 75% of the cases it is advanced beyond the early stages.

What is this less commonly discussed cancer killer?  Ovarian cancer has a lifetime risk of 1.6% of women with no family history.  This increases to 5% in women with a family history.  In women without an increased risk by way of family history, testing will only predict its occurrence 3% of the time! 

So what does Angelina Jolie’s breast cancer risk have anything to do with ovarian cancer?  There is a known increase in incidence of ovarian cancer in women who develop breast cancer.  In women who test positive for the BRCA gene mutation (the most commonly discussed  breast cancer family gene), the risk can be as high as 46% lifetime probability of ovarian cancer.  And what this means for someone like Angelina Jolie is not only is she at an increased risk of developing breast cancer had she not undergone surgery, but she also carries an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer, too.

Beyond the scope of our discussion are the treatment controversies in women before menopause (around age 50) as well as after menopause concerning blocking natural hormone effects to decrease breast cancer development.  But what is clear is in this small group of women who have an increased risk for either breast and/or ovarian cancer, they must undergo close surveillance and sometimes very aggressive treatment.

But what about most women who do not have a family gene for breast or ovarian cancer?  The worry running through most women’s minds is what should they do.  One of the biggest problems identified in the last article was that women, even at lower risk for developing breast cancer, are not compulsive enough with starting base line mammograms at age 40 and following through with annual screening that has been shown to catch breast cancer earlier than without screening alone.  The real question that many may be asking is what about ovarian cancer itself.  This is very difficult, because in many ways, like PSA testing in men for prostate cancer, the current basic tumor marker testing combined with ultrasound, is better at telling women that they don’t have it (which is most women) than predicting that they will get it.  On the other side of the argument is that many unnecessary surgeries and interventions for removing ovaries and blocking estrogen receptors, would not only diminish the quality of a woman’s life, but may also have its own set of risks including osteoporosis and earlier heart disease.

So, what resources do women have when they are not at increased risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer and yet still want to be sure that the type of hormonal therapy that they’re receiving is actually more beneficial than risky.  One of the main reasons that individual hormonal expert consultation is required before the initiation of any hormonal regiment, including that of replacing female hormones, is seeing what would help a woman and not put her at increased risk.  In fact, I even see women who have been treated for breast cancer or are at increased risk, and have custom tailored the therapy to reduce risk and increase benefit.   One of the benefits of concierge medicine is that you can deliver a “personalized approach” and ultimately create a quality of life for women so that they can enjoy their daily relationships, activities and optimism toward a healthier lifestyle.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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Finally, Some STRAIGHT TALK About Why Americans Are Living Longer But Not Healthier Lives

old person with back pain

Recent studies have shown that Americans are living longer but not healthier.  In particular, Americans are now living 78 years on average, but spending more years with disability.  This study compared health, life expectancy and years with disability from 1990 statistics and 2010 statistics.

Where have there been gains?  The United States has made important headway against problems such as strokes, cancers (including colon and breast), but even as Americans are living longer, they are spending more time with disability.  The study that was conducted in 2010 showed 10.1 years of disability.

What is the “real reason” for these alarming statistics?  Leading contributors to disability include low back pain and other disorders that affect the muscles, nerves and joints.  Other contributing factors include depression and anxiety.

And so what do Body Hormone Balance members who are familiar with their hormone blueprint need to know about this study?  As a basis for combating disability, which causes poor quality lifestyle even for middle aged clients, a review of the basics is very critical.  First, attention to proper weight management and hormonal balance is the foundation.  Think about it this way.  Think about all the things that wear your body out sooner because of extra fat and lack of hormonal protection.  This is the basis of your blueprint – hormonal management.  Next, balancing of brain chemicals and nutrition complete the triangle for your blueprint.  In other words, having perfect balance between your brain chemical function, your nutritional status and hormonal balance form the triangle for the Body Hormone Balance programs.

So what if I’m doing reasonably with weight management and hormonal health, what else can be done to help me avoid disability?  Well first of all, the question you are asking is really focusing on what is happening to health and wellness in the 21st century.   In Body Hormone Balance Revolution,, be sure to read every word of Chapter 5 (Secret of Success), so that you are way ahead of the game.  Another resource would be to fill out your blueprint questionnaire at your next visit and ask what else can be done to keep your mind, nutrition and hormonal balance optimized, so that you avoid the disability that is so prevalent in the United States.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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For Anyone Who Has Ever Been Prescribed a Sleeping Aid, Anti-depressant or Stimulant Please READ THIS WARNING!


I share this with you only to point out how strange it can be for many people who have been ‘labeled’ as depressed, anxious, unfocussed, lazy and handed a prescription to be filled at a pharmacy.

Isn’t it strange that you can be given a prescription medicine with many documented side effects and many of these are supposedly FDA approved and yet they are prescribed with directions only to be used for short periods of time, as if not feeling well, exhausted, depressed, or just not being able to get adequate sleep at night REALLY ARE LONG TERM PROBLEMS. 

In truth, what we’re not being told is that while these medicines are supposed to address these individual issues, they often lead us to many SIDE EFFECTS including weight gain among other problems.

 So what does this have to do with anything?  Isn’t funny that if you are given a medicine like this and have never had the chemicals which may be imbalanced tested, then you may be given these medicines without proper diagnostic workup.  And yet look at how many hundreds of millions of dollars of these prescriptions have been given to people just like you.  In other words, wouldn’t it make more sense to know what actual chemical deficiencies are in the brain to explain all these issues of mood, drive, focus, craving control and inability to rest BEFORE being given medicines for which you never had a deficiency of ‘when you were 20.’

 Think about this – look in your medicine cabinet and tell me if you had a deficiency of any of these prescription chemicals when you were 20.  And tell me this, why was it when you were 20 that you never needed help with any of these things?  And I know many of you are thinking, yes I’ve already lost a lot of weight and gotten my hormones tuned with your Body Hormone Balance System, so is there any real help besides prescription medicines?

 And here’s what people have told me:  Even with incredible improvement in their metabolism, improvement with their energy, their ability to drop fat and function through the day, it was not until they had proper brain chemical testing and natural (not prescription medicine, antidepressant, stimulant and sleep medicine) treatment that they improved beyond what they could have ever predicted ahead of time.  So think about this.  If you’ve been handed a prescription for any of the things that have been mentioned above like many people before you, and these people finally felt a big burden lifted off their chest for not being ‘labeled’ any of the things they were told, but instead found out that they had a deficiency of certain natural brain chemicals which could be naturally replaced without side effects – wouldn’t that be the best solution in the first place.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Balance,

 George F. Moricz, MD

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Everywhere Across the Arklatex People Are Raving About This Amazing Breakthrough For Allergy Sufferers

suffering from allergies

If you are one of the 50 million sufferers in the United States and looking to finally rid yourself of allergy symptoms, then the following report is one of the most critical that you will ever access all year.  Because of this report, you will discover an effective solution approved in countries all over the world that have already rid people of disabling allergy symptoms.  To make best use of the information that you are about to discover, it is critical that you take notes and pay extremely close attention to everything that you will hear.

First of all, who is this for?  This is for allergy sufferers who are smart enough to know that there is something better than:

  • Enduring allergy clinics
  • Being poked
  • Getting steroid shots
  • Suffering with sedating allergy medications and feeling drugged and dragging around.

Why should you listen to me?  I am the Founder of the Body Hormone Balance Programs, and have dedicated my career to delivering effective life-changing solutions that have produced transformations in record time even when nothing else has worked for them.

The Newspaper Article

Here I have a New England Journal article written 2 months ago that was brave enough to discuss a study from John Hopkins University.  Over 22 years, the effective solution that I’m about to reveal to you was found:

  • Not only to help allergy sufferers, but asthmatics as well
  • And deliver better allergy reduction than conventional allergy drugs including inhaled steroids.

What is this so highly sought after solution?  Well first of all, after drawing your blood, testing is done for airborne allergens.   These are the environmental allergens in the air that cause you to suffer from allergies.  It is done on a nationwide analysis which means that it is very comprehensive and looks at the most common causes of your symptoms.  Based on your very own results, custom allergy drops are created for you.  And what that means is that these are used to boost your very own immune system.

And what does that effectively do for you?  Within 2 years, you are free of allergy symptoms because your body stops overreacting when exposed to environmental allergens.  Some people notice significant reduction in their allergy symptoms within the first 6 months.  Generally it takes between 1 and 2 years to get the maximum benefit.

So why should this be such a benefit to you?  Well now you avoid being poked with skin testing, like they do in allergy clinics.  Now, when taking these drops, you’ll be treating every one of your tested airborne allergies, and, unlike in homeopathy where individuals allergens such as ragweed will be treated individually, you are treating all of them at once and building up your immune system.

Who is this not for?  If you are the type of person who is completely happy going to allergy clinics, being poked, getting steroid shots, taking sedating allergy medicine, and feeling drugged and dragging around without complete improvement, then this is certainly not for you.

So what am I going to do for you?  This effective solution, which the FDA does not want you to know about, has been used and approved in countries all over the world.  Over the past year, I have been working very closely with key people around the country to deliver this effective solution, to give you the simple certainty that with the proper testing and customized drops, that you will lead a life significantly free of airborne allergy symptoms.  Instead, you will be free of congestion, dripping, scratchy throat and respiratory problems.  You will wake up with clear eyes, nasal sinuses and throat, all without resorting to shots or conventional drugs.  Because this is so critical for allergy sufferers who are smart enough to know that there is something better than what they have already had to endure, I’m going to create a fast action bonus, which my staff will tell you about, to make it even easier for you to get started.

Please call Alicia on (903) 306-2215.

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Health Update: Muscle Wasting Disease Research – What You Need to Know

muscle wasting disease

Many have heard about muscle wasting diseases such as Muscular dystrophy.  There are a group of disorders which are very debilitating that have caused wasting of the muscle.  A recent article on one form of this disease called Muscular dystrophy reveals newer research on drugs for slowing the debilitating effects of this very unfortunate disease.  There are 30 inherited diseases that fall under the definition of Muscular dystrophy.  And there are also other related disorders that result in loss of muscle and weakness as well.

The latest research focuses on these newer medicines that are based on the genes responsible for muscle wasting.

And why is this so important?  When looking at the signals from the DNA to make the proper proteins for muscle function, there are many steps that can be faulty.  When treating patients for age related Sarcopenia (muscle wasting); there is a decrease in muscle in the body that accounts for changes in metabolism and loss of daily function.  Metabolically, storage of glycogen is lowered because liver and skeletal muscle are responsible for these energy reserves.  It is also known that with increased muscle mass, there is increase in metabolism and stabilization of blood sugar.

And while the research is focused on attacking the faulty steps in the gene and its protein production necessary for muscle function, you may be thinking “what else will combat muscle breakdown in these patients and others who suffer from age related muscle decline overall?

Hormonal based therapies can not only increase the size of the cell, but increase the number of cells as well.  Developments in nutritional testing can take advantage of revving up what we call the energy cycle in energy producing powerhouses called mitochondria.

And what is this energy cycle?  It is the necessary steps that transfer the energy of molecules into production of an energy currency usable throughout the body by little powerhouses that are located in cells such as muscles and even the brain.

So what you have is little generators whose efficiency declines over time because it is bombarded with toxic substances.  For people who are suffering with a predisposition to muscle wasting, attention is even more critical for optimizing the substrates or what you might call “factory parts that let the factory generator be more efficient.”  And what this all means is more energy production so that fatigue is delayed.

So what does someone with early loss of muscle, whether it be genetic or age related or due to nutritional and hormonal causes do?  As is true with most early aging or defects in the way the body works, a detailed assessment of intracellular nutrition and hormonal status are performed in order that corrective therapy be applied to the cells.  Once this very critical analysis is completed, care is taken as soon as possible to restore as many of the muscle cells’ number and size and provide enough nutrition so that they can perform optimally.  As exciting as these new genetic therapies are, it would be too premature to abandon basic hormonal and nutritional therapies which have given good results to people even when other therapies have not worked.

Now, if you or someone that you know is suffering from loss of muscle mass (change in clothing size, loss of muscle tone when looking in the mirror, poor stamina and endurance and inability to complete daily physical activity) then the next step is clear.  Call Alicia at (903) 306-2215 to set up an evaluation to see how these approaches would help you and protect muscle function earlier rather than later.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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