Body By Jake Meets Body Hormone Balance Revolution

Celebrity Body By Jake is most well-known for:

  • Fitness guru and trainer to the stars…
  • Hard core believer in a healthy body as a way of life…
  • Genius who sold fitness television network for five hundred million dollars…

Finally, Jake has his very own autographed by author copy of

Body Hormone Balance Revolution

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Just like Jake, what will you discover in Body Hormone Balance Revolution?

  •  How ignoring these ‘two’ key facts prevents you from unlocking the door to your youthful recovery.
  • Why most weight loss programs NEVER have and NEVER will work for you.
  • How disruption in this vital part of the day is causing hormonal imbalance that is silently killing Americans.
  • What the secret formula ‘really is’ behind the life changing transformations of Body Hormone Balance clients’ beauty, body composition, and youthful sexuality.
  • The reason why you and over half of the people I evaluate on a daily basis have effective medical treatment withheld from them because of supposedly ‘normal lab tests.’
  • And more…

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P.S. – This could be the start of a real revolution:  Body By Jake meets Body Hormone Balance!

Finally, Some STRAIGHT TALK About Why Americans Are Living Longer But Not Healthier Lives

old person with back pain

Recent studies have shown that Americans are living longer but not healthier.  In particular, Americans are now living 78 years on average, but spending more years with disability.  This study compared health, life expectancy and years with disability from 1990 statistics and 2010 statistics.

Where have there been gains?  The United States has made important headway against problems such as strokes, cancers (including colon and breast), but even as Americans are living longer, they are spending more time with disability.  The study that was conducted in 2010 showed 10.1 years of disability.

What is the “real reason” for these alarming statistics?  Leading contributors to disability include low back pain and other disorders that affect the muscles, nerves and joints.  Other contributing factors include depression and anxiety.

And so what do Body Hormone Balance members who are familiar with their hormone blueprint need to know about this study?  As a basis for combating disability, which causes poor quality lifestyle even for middle aged clients, a review of the basics is very critical.  First, attention to proper weight management and hormonal balance is the foundation.  Think about it this way.  Think about all the things that wear your body out sooner because of extra fat and lack of hormonal protection.  This is the basis of your blueprint – hormonal management.  Next, balancing of brain chemicals and nutrition complete the triangle for your blueprint.  In other words, having perfect balance between your brain chemical function, your nutritional status and hormonal balance form the triangle for the Body Hormone Balance programs.

So what if I’m doing reasonably with weight management and hormonal health, what else can be done to help me avoid disability?  Well first of all, the question you are asking is really focusing on what is happening to health and wellness in the 21st century.   In Body Hormone Balance Revolution,, be sure to read every word of Chapter 5 (Secret of Success), so that you are way ahead of the game.  Another resource would be to fill out your blueprint questionnaire at your next visit and ask what else can be done to keep your mind, nutrition and hormonal balance optimized, so that you avoid the disability that is so prevalent in the United States.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way!

woman working in garden

If you have not exercised recently or often, then it can be hard to get motivated.  Doubts of whether or not you are exercising properly and being somewhat intimidated by the whole exercise process is very common.  There is good news:  exercise doesn’t have to be lifting heavy weights at a gym or running on a boring treadmill!

There are a variety of things that can count as exercise.  The important thing is that you get your heart rate up.  For some people, this could mean just walking up and down the stairs in their home.  Taking a walk around the block at a good pace is a great way to exercise, especially if it has been a while since you have done a lot of physical activity.  Also, when going to the store, don’t drive around searching for the closest space you can find.  Try parking toward the back of the parking lot and getting in a little bit more walking exercise.

The important thing is that you stay active!  Do what you can and find something that you enjoy.  Even gardening can be exercise!