Skip Years of Frustration By Discovering This One Secret That Top Performing VIP Clients of Dr. Moricz Travel From Across the Country To Keep Them Ahead of the Crowd


Why do we see so many women dragging around and feeling so bad today?  Why do we hear thousands upon thousands complain of constantly feeling “BLAH”? Feeling gloom takes all the spunk out of life.  Why does beauty fade so fast?  Taking young women to the cosmetic counter to look like the latest Cosmopolitan cover model is not the answer. Instead, perfect health alone could accomplish the same thing.  Not knowing the simplest law of nature is really the answer. Without health you can’t be vibrant, strong, attractive, successful and certainly not happy. If you ignore the most important of nature’s laws, you certainly can’t be healthy.  Finally, beauty is based upon health and vitality with healthy blood and well-functioning activity of your glands and organs.  In other words, the outside of your body simply reflects the condition of the inside.  Beauty is the natural expression of genuine inner health.

Success in Vitality

Men and women who have incredible vitality have the most valuable treasure in life.  No obstacle or barrier can hold them back.  Most well-known great men have been men of unusual physical stamina, possessing the most energetic and gleaming inner personalities.  They have developed a manly strength, a youthful energy and vitality that have carried them through every obstacle in life.  Now, on the other hand, thousands of men and women suffer with what is to be considered an exceptional and potential short fall because of lack of physical stamina and all paths of life are feeling “drawn out” and energy-lacking.  People just can’t keep up.  See, real youth means unlimited vitality.  It means the reserve for endless energy to work or play.  It means a reenergized spirit.  It means a powerful, pleasing and magnetic personality. It means clear focus and a very active mind.

You can be quick, active and youthful at any age when your peers are graying and breaking down.  You can have unsurpassed vitality and plentiful energy and stamina to go with it.  You can even turn the clock back 20 or 30 years by merely tapping into nature’s simplest yet most important law.  But simply wishing will not do it – you must act NOW!

Body Hormone Balance, founded by George Moricz, MD, the leading authority in the integration of hormonal optimization, fatigue and weight management. Dr. Moricz has worked successfully, in his practice, with both men and women to help them gain back their youthful energy, focus, and sexual stamina.

Clients that come to Body Hormone Balance’s Center are experiencing life changing transformations. They had what they thought were medical conditions that were really hormonal imbalances, nutritional and metabolic disorders. Clients come to us for the Simple Certainty that they are completing a program individualized to meet their hormonal and metabolic needs.

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Dr. Moricz: “I Plead Guilty”


These were the words that flew from Dr. Moricz’s mouth during a recent radio interview.  It appeared that the interviewer voiced skepticism about the flood of success story testimonials of Dr. Moricz’s clients.  She even went so far as to accuse Dr. Moricz: “You are not just a doctor, YOU ARE in the youthful sexuality business!”  To which Dr. Moricz submitted, “you win… I guess you are right.”

Some of you may be chuckling because members of the Body Hormone Balance family have not been shy about their success stories and we all know it very well.  See, this interviewer was expecting to hear the SAME OLD STUFF:

“I lost _____ pounds.”

“I sleep restfully through the night.”

“I have so much energy that I look forward to my evenings.”

But instead the interviewer was SHOCKED AND AMAZED at the real stories that Dr. Moricz’s clients disclosed about their newly re-discovered sexuality.

See, most doctors in Texarkana don’t believe it either, how could a doctor dedicated to literally transforming the sex lives of everyday people overnight whose experience with doctors used to consist of prescriptions, more tests and office visits UNTIL NOW…  If we have caught your attention, then you are MORE SAVVY than most.  And being more SAVVY than most has its privileges.

So naturally, you want to benefit from this very magical process and so you will by clicking here to discover how Jack and Diane rediscover the fountain of youth.

How Some Straight Talk About The “WELL KEPT SECRETS” of the Body Hormone Balance Anti-Aging Program Will MAKE YOU FEEL AND PERFORM Like a Superhero…



It may sound like something from a SUPERHERO COMIC BOOK and maybe it should.  People both near and far are holding onto an anti-aging secret that has kept them feeling and performing like they were in their 20s.

And it may sound like the stuff of top performers and Hollywood superstars so you may be asking “What are the secrets of these savvy people and why should anyone in the ARKLATEX consider it for themselves?”

You may have a good point.  It’s POSSIBLE that no one should take advantage of this at all.  You know, many people believe aging will happen anyway, and what if you accelerate aging?  And what if your body breaks down sooner and what if you lose energy and every part of your body aches or is inflamed from the inside out?  And what if you depend on prescription medicines to get you through a day that sounds more like disability than really living it?

Well, if you’re still paying attention, then you may NOT be like most people and you may be part of the smart and successful few who see things a little DIFFERENTLY.

So what is all this talk about anti-aging?  And what are these “WELL KEPT SECRETS?”  Based on your very astute question, you probably have not gotten a copy of The Smart Person’s Guide to Anti-Aging. See, I could make a virtually certain bet that very few people have ever heard of this closely guarded secret and even fewer have taken advantage of the life changing transformations that this secret has to offer, but everybody could. ..

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One of the secrets of youth is to lie about your age UNTIL NOW….

fountain of youth

One can often see the signs of “aging” in 9 out of 10 women between 25 & 45. In fact, I have seen girls as young as 18 starting to show the signs of aging that should not even appear in women of 40. See, over the years patients have listed complaints concerning “showing age” that just cannot be ignored. For a start, many start to complain about lines around their mouth and eyes. In others, there is noticeable sagging of skin beneath chin. Still others complain about tell-tell creases in the neck area. The fine silky skin of youth begins to look unhealthy and drawn out. Still other patients complain of physical sagging of the breast area which become heavy. In other women, layers of fat begin to show in different parts of body. The hair starts to gray out prematurely and become thin. Others have complained that their eyes instead of being clear and bright look “muddy” and lack luster. Others complain of growing belly fat. This is only a partial list of some of the apparent physical effects of “aging”.

Worse than the above physical complaints are the indirect effects. For all the zest and energy of life seems to have been drained in women suffering from this condition. She may complain of feeling “half alive”. She complains of waking up tired and dragging through the day. More often than not with no real medical diagnosis, she really is “a sick woman”. She often suffers from small illnesses- everything from headaches and indigestion to anxiety. Her temper flies off the handle and she feels irritable. Her whole perspective and approach to life changes. She can no longer draw on the laughter and joy of her younger years in her daily life. People around her complain that she no longer wants to play. She no longer wants to see people and be active. Partners often complain that she has stop loving and she has difficulty expressing herself in a loving way. In other words, she is acting old, seems old, feels old, IS old. So no matter how you look at it she is old, no matter her stated chronological age. Here is the simple truth. Few women realize, youth with all its charm and glory has nothing to do with age, but the condition of one’s body either because women do not care or do not know better, allow their bodies to become aged.

I could say this a thousand times and brand it in on the hearts and minds of women everywhere. You can easily control “chronological age” very, very easily. What it requires is just a little thought, little time and an indulgence into the secrets of unleashing youth. Not only can you totally remove the unhappy signs of early age that may have already surfaced but you can avoid them ever resurfacing for years. See, true age is eventually inevitable. But if you do not age in a healthy and graceful way, then instead you will age early, suffering unnecessarily and living pitifully.

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There are secrets that you have “not” been told and it’s been intentional. If you believe that everybody knew secrets to “keeping young” then you would expect everyone to avoid the ravages of early aging. But as you know that’s not the case and there’s a good reason for it. Because these secrets have been kept from you. So what do the divas and Hollywood types and women of famous societies do? Well they are certainly tapping into youth and vibrancy. See, this is not just aesthetically important, its financially important to their future. So, it really doesn’t matter if you’re doing it to look good or feel good. The fact is that someone else is doing it for one or the other reason. The interesting thing if only women from age 16-80 only knew that there really is a system with these secrets. They would avoid the things that “show age” in a woman. Some of these described people have emerged as “a new woman”. But really what is there to prove, if you don’t mind letting “age” show in you?

If you feel as though your body is not what it used to be or should be, you’re not as energetic and healthy, and things are breaking down where it shouldn’t be breaking down, well that’s an aging body which is unnecessary before its time. For those who are completely satisfied with this early aging, this is certainly of NO interest. If you are completely satisfied with your health, the early signs of ravaging aging, and completely content to follow the path of people who have not sought out these secrets, then STOP reading here. Those of you who would like to tap into a “1st time ever offered” glimpse into a treasure trove of never before disclosed secrets from a well-respected hormonal expert, this may be your glimpse into a more youthful you.

Don’t forget to complete the information on the coupon below and learn about Secret #1 for Unleashing Your Fountain of Youth!

Body Hormone Balance, founded by George Moricz, MD, the leading authority in the integration of hormonal optimization, fatigue and weight management. Dr. Moricz has worked successfully, in his practice, with both men and women to help them gain back their youthful energy, focus, and sexual stamina.

Clients that come to Body Hormone Balance’s Center are experiencing life changing transformations. Clients come to us for the Simple Certainty that they are completing a program individualized to meet their hormonal and metabolic needs.

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Contest!! Contest!! Contest!!

Gatsby2 Gatsby

It’s the year 1925 and you may be asking how Dr. Moricz ever ended up in the jazz era of the 1920s.  Well, as luck would have it, while he was tinkering with the buttons of the Anti-Aging Machine, the year 1925 was dialed in and the send button was hit.

And so here’s the story that you will complete.  Dr. Moricz has been transported to Gatsby who as we all know is a young man in search of love and success.  But he has a great problem: With all the overconsumption of food and drink, the price of poor sleep and lifestyle have taken its toll on him and all his roaring 20s counterparts.  Secretly, he is asking Dr. Moricz to restore his youthful thinking, shape, energy, as well as those of his friends. 

So here is your chance to complete this story.

Hint #1:  How brain chemical testing and balancing (NEURORESET PROGRAM) will benefit Gatsby and Friends…

Hint #2:  How weight management (see chapter 3 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution) will benefit Gatsby and Friends…

Hint #3:  How hormonal balancing (chapter 2 “Youth is Perfect Health” in Body Hormone Balance Revolution) will benefit Gatsby and Friends…

Hint #4:  How boosting of energy and eliminating inflammation (Body Hormone Balance Anti-Aging Program) will benefit Gatsby and Friends…

Hint #5:  How these “over the top” solutions will give life-changing transformation to Gatsby and all his friends…

In your story, you may use the Anti-Aging Machine just like Dr. Moricz uses his “patented and personalized” medical programs to get these outcomes for Gatsby and his friends:

  • Better Sex
  • Successful weight control
  • Endless energy to spare.

Ultimately, you will be describing how the Body Hormone Balance Program helps people just like you perform and feel like they did in their 20s.  Good luck on collecting your reward!

Dedicated to Your Body Hormone Transformation,

The Staff at Body Hormone Balance

P.S. – If you started thinking about your story and needed a little more help as to what “Anti-Aging really is”, please call Alicia at (903) 306-2215 to be sure that you get your hands on The Smart Person’s Guide to Anti-Aging brochure.

P.P.S. – As you finish this story, (and get ready to claim your reward), you may be wondering why so many people before you (who had already started enjoying the life changing benefits that the Anti-Aging Program had given them even though they had already received hormonal balance and proper weight control with Dr. Moricz) want to know why they had not asked about it sooner.  But as you complete this story you may already have given yourself the real reason for experiencing the benefits of the Anti-Aging Program or in this case taking advantage of your very own Anti-Aging Machine which is more available to you than you may have previously thought.  Good luck and we look forward to rewarding you for completion of your story.

P.P. S. – Remember, you can always look back at previous contest winner’s entries to see how they collected their reward and underwent their very own Body Hormone Transformation.


Caffeine in ALL Your Food! YES that’s right…


From gum to beef jerky to marshmallows, packaged food-makers are ready to roll out caffeine in most imaginable food items.  We are already aware of the energy drinks and the craze to increase energy even when we don’t know the underlying cause.

So what about safety?  It is true that most people will tolerate 200 – 300mg per day of caffeine.  When the levels reach 500mg, many people will have trouble with sleep, nervousness and even rapid heartbeat.

So why is it that people are suffering from so much fatigue and exhaustion?  Many times clients who see me in the Body Hormone Balance programs have true underlying nutritional and hormonal deficiencies.  What I have found is once the “root cause” is determined, there is a great improvement in daytime energy and more relaxed sleep.

So why shouldn’t we continue to encourage caffeinated foods and energy drinks?  Well, the answer really lies in what is it really doing for people’s stress glands and their sympathetic system (the control center for stimulation in the body).  See, with continued stimulation of adrenaline in the body, for short bursts, the body never really recuperates and starts to require further stimulation to get the same effect.  And with this adrenaline stimulation, sleep is interrupted and problems with heart rate and blood pressure can develop.  The lack of quality sleep that may be responsible for the daytime energy issues in the first place, which is then often worsened, so this vicious cycle never really stops.

When a proper nutritional and brain chemical analysis is done, the excitation centers and mood chemical balance is analyzed and based on deficiency can be corrected.  In cases of problem with hormones (like the thyroid gland, stress gland and sex hormones) often times there are deficiencies which can explain fatigue and exhaustion, as well as sleep issues.

So why not treat the root cause and avoid this vicious circle in the first place?  In chapter 4 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution, many of these issues are addressed.

So the real question then becomes why would anybody risk excessive caffeine stimulation in the body when it would be easier to treat the root cause and help you feel, look and perform like you did in your 20s?  Well, after you finish chapter 4 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution, you will certainly be able to answer that for yourself.  And you can certainly start to ask yourself whether  the food industry really has your interest at heart, or are they hooking you on something that can cause problems to your health, that will require you to get to the root cause of nutritional and hormonal imbalance in the first place.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way!

woman working in garden

If you have not exercised recently or often, then it can be hard to get motivated.  Doubts of whether or not you are exercising properly and being somewhat intimidated by the whole exercise process is very common.  There is good news:  exercise doesn’t have to be lifting heavy weights at a gym or running on a boring treadmill!

There are a variety of things that can count as exercise.  The important thing is that you get your heart rate up.  For some people, this could mean just walking up and down the stairs in their home.  Taking a walk around the block at a good pace is a great way to exercise, especially if it has been a while since you have done a lot of physical activity.  Also, when going to the store, don’t drive around searching for the closest space you can find.  Try parking toward the back of the parking lot and getting in a little bit more walking exercise.

The important thing is that you stay active!  Do what you can and find something that you enjoy.  Even gardening can be exercise!