Dr. Moricz: “I Plead Guilty”


These were the words that flew from Dr. Moricz’s mouth during a recent radio interview.  It appeared that the interviewer voiced skepticism about the flood of success story testimonials of Dr. Moricz’s clients.  She even went so far as to accuse Dr. Moricz: “You are not just a doctor, YOU ARE in the youthful sexuality business!”  To which Dr. Moricz submitted, “you win… I guess you are right.”

Some of you may be chuckling because members of the Body Hormone Balance family have not been shy about their success stories and we all know it very well.  See, this interviewer was expecting to hear the SAME OLD STUFF:

“I lost _____ pounds.”

“I sleep restfully through the night.”

“I have so much energy that I look forward to my evenings.”

But instead the interviewer was SHOCKED AND AMAZED at the real stories that Dr. Moricz’s clients disclosed about their newly re-discovered sexuality.

See, most doctors in Texarkana don’t believe it either, how could a doctor dedicated to literally transforming the sex lives of everyday people overnight whose experience with doctors used to consist of prescriptions, more tests and office visits UNTIL NOW…  If we have caught your attention, then you are MORE SAVVY than most.  And being more SAVVY than most has its privileges.

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How Some Straight Talk About The “WELL KEPT SECRETS” of the Body Hormone Balance Anti-Aging Program Will MAKE YOU FEEL AND PERFORM Like a Superhero…



It may sound like something from a SUPERHERO COMIC BOOK and maybe it should.  People both near and far are holding onto an anti-aging secret that has kept them feeling and performing like they were in their 20s.

And it may sound like the stuff of top performers and Hollywood superstars so you may be asking “What are the secrets of these savvy people and why should anyone in the ARKLATEX consider it for themselves?”

You may have a good point.  It’s POSSIBLE that no one should take advantage of this at all.  You know, many people believe aging will happen anyway, and what if you accelerate aging?  And what if your body breaks down sooner and what if you lose energy and every part of your body aches or is inflamed from the inside out?  And what if you depend on prescription medicines to get you through a day that sounds more like disability than really living it?

Well, if you’re still paying attention, then you may NOT be like most people and you may be part of the smart and successful few who see things a little DIFFERENTLY.

So what is all this talk about anti-aging?  And what are these “WELL KEPT SECRETS?”  Based on your very astute question, you probably have not gotten a copy of The Smart Person’s Guide to Anti-Aging. See, I could make a virtually certain bet that very few people have ever heard of this closely guarded secret and even fewer have taken advantage of the life changing transformations that this secret has to offer, but everybody could. ..

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One of the secrets of youth is to lie about your age UNTIL NOW….

fountain of youth

One can often see the signs of “aging” in 9 out of 10 women between 25 & 45. In fact, I have seen girls as young as 18 starting to show the signs of aging that should not even appear in women of 40. See, over the years patients have listed complaints concerning “showing age” that just cannot be ignored. For a start, many start to complain about lines around their mouth and eyes. In others, there is noticeable sagging of skin beneath chin. Still others complain about tell-tell creases in the neck area. The fine silky skin of youth begins to look unhealthy and drawn out. Still other patients complain of physical sagging of the breast area which become heavy. In other women, layers of fat begin to show in different parts of body. The hair starts to gray out prematurely and become thin. Others have complained that their eyes instead of being clear and bright look “muddy” and lack luster. Others complain of growing belly fat. This is only a partial list of some of the apparent physical effects of “aging”.

Worse than the above physical complaints are the indirect effects. For all the zest and energy of life seems to have been drained in women suffering from this condition. She may complain of feeling “half alive”. She complains of waking up tired and dragging through the day. More often than not with no real medical diagnosis, she really is “a sick woman”. She often suffers from small illnesses- everything from headaches and indigestion to anxiety. Her temper flies off the handle and she feels irritable. Her whole perspective and approach to life changes. She can no longer draw on the laughter and joy of her younger years in her daily life. People around her complain that she no longer wants to play. She no longer wants to see people and be active. Partners often complain that she has stop loving and she has difficulty expressing herself in a loving way. In other words, she is acting old, seems old, feels old, IS old. So no matter how you look at it she is old, no matter her stated chronological age. Here is the simple truth. Few women realize, youth with all its charm and glory has nothing to do with age, but the condition of one’s body either because women do not care or do not know better, allow their bodies to become aged.

I could say this a thousand times and brand it in on the hearts and minds of women everywhere. You can easily control “chronological age” very, very easily. What it requires is just a little thought, little time and an indulgence into the secrets of unleashing youth. Not only can you totally remove the unhappy signs of early age that may have already surfaced but you can avoid them ever resurfacing for years. See, true age is eventually inevitable. But if you do not age in a healthy and graceful way, then instead you will age early, suffering unnecessarily and living pitifully.

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There are secrets that you have “not” been told and it’s been intentional. If you believe that everybody knew secrets to “keeping young” then you would expect everyone to avoid the ravages of early aging. But as you know that’s not the case and there’s a good reason for it. Because these secrets have been kept from you. So what do the divas and Hollywood types and women of famous societies do? Well they are certainly tapping into youth and vibrancy. See, this is not just aesthetically important, its financially important to their future. So, it really doesn’t matter if you’re doing it to look good or feel good. The fact is that someone else is doing it for one or the other reason. The interesting thing if only women from age 16-80 only knew that there really is a system with these secrets. They would avoid the things that “show age” in a woman. Some of these described people have emerged as “a new woman”. But really what is there to prove, if you don’t mind letting “age” show in you?

If you feel as though your body is not what it used to be or should be, you’re not as energetic and healthy, and things are breaking down where it shouldn’t be breaking down, well that’s an aging body which is unnecessary before its time. For those who are completely satisfied with this early aging, this is certainly of NO interest. If you are completely satisfied with your health, the early signs of ravaging aging, and completely content to follow the path of people who have not sought out these secrets, then STOP reading here. Those of you who would like to tap into a “1st time ever offered” glimpse into a treasure trove of never before disclosed secrets from a well-respected hormonal expert, this may be your glimpse into a more youthful you.

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Body Hormone Balance, founded by George Moricz, MD, the leading authority in the integration of hormonal optimization, fatigue and weight management. Dr. Moricz has worked successfully, in his practice, with both men and women to help them gain back their youthful energy, focus, and sexual stamina.

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Is Aging Inevitable?

aging person

Yes, you heard it.  Is aging before your years the norm?  Everywhere you go, everyone you look at, everybody seems to be telling you the same thing “you are aging before your years.”

Before we get to the solution, it is critical to understand the reasons.  There are two main causes of aging.

  •  Number one is genetic.
  • Number two is random events.

First, what are the genetic causes of aging?  There are several theories that support genetics.  Everything from cells having a certain limit of division, which means basically they can only multiply so many times, after which they die.  The other theory is that DNA chromosomes have a point to which they shorten and cannot divide any further.  Still, there are theories on pre-programmed cell death which means cells stop dividing altogether.  Still, other theories talk about defects in DNA when they multiply, just like a copy machine that sometimes makes bad copies.  And finally, aging cells secrete compounds that shorten the lifespan of different organs and cells.

What are the random event causes of aging?  Several theories explain aging by random events.  This can mean wear and tear, accumulation of toxic substances, including waste production that damages cells and makes them die faster.  Free radical theory describes oxygen molecules that react with cells.  And what this means is that when your body does not have enough antioxidants, it cannot protect itself.  Another popular theory is the mitochondrial aging theory, which says that these powerhouses which produce energy get damaged over time and accelerate aging.  And there are still other theories on cross-linking of cells which make them stiff as well as other theories of how glycation (damage by sugar products) cause damage to cells including nerves and blood vessels.  Also important is the theory of a poor immune system which leads to increased infections and damage to cells.  And lastly, but perhaps most importantly is the failing hormonal system theory of aging.  This is based on hormone level decline between ages 25 and 80, with loss of up to 50% of hormone levels.

So what theory seems to be most important and what produces the best results?  Certainly all these theories contribute to the damage of cells and what we call aging.  Premature aging occurs clinically between the ages of 30 and 50.  Oftentimes clients will come to me in their 50s and can still reap the benefits but have already 30 years of premature aging that has not been controlled.

There is also the issue of hormone secretion patterns during the night and day that are not working to their maximum potential.  For instance, there is a sleep hormone which is highest at night and receptors in the body are also highest at night, but lowest in the daytime.  As this rhythm disappears, it causes disruption in sleep.  And as many of my clients have found out, this affects other hormones and causes metabolic as well as immune problems as well.   Another example, as people get older, receptors of the thyroid hormone decrease between ages 30 and 60 by more than 40%.  So the hormone is less effective and causes disruption in blood flow, metabolism and immunity.  It also does not counteract other hormones which work in a symphony.

So what is the solution to the problem?  As you can see, there are multiple theories of aging and it can be very confusing unless you had a proper evaluation.  As a fundamental principal of the hormonal blueprint system, described in Chapter 2 of Body Hormone Balance Revolution, you had your perfect hormonal blueprint at age 20.  For all the details, be sure to devour every page of Chapter 2 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution.  If you’re wondering how you could reap all the benefits of anti-aging, be sure to call Alicia at (903) 306-2215 to see how you can avoid the disability of pre-mature aging which, in turn, causes disruption in your energy, relationships, affecting the way you look feel and perform every single day.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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Hot Off the Press! Texarkana News Update!

hot off the press

Dr. George Moricz Makes Recent Discovery:

Why Six Years of Poor Sleep Made This Doctor Rethink

Everything He Ever Learned in Medical School

When this experienced doctor became a patient himself, he was forced to think outside the box because nothing he was taught in his medical training even came close to helping him overcome debilitating exhaustion. Dr. Moricz details this breathrough discovery in newly released book Body Hormone Balance Revolution.

Texarkana, TX (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

According to Dr. George Moricz, Founder of the Hormonal Blueprint System and author of Body Hormone Balance Revolution, “By failing miserably at correcting sleep disruption, doctors are unintentionally sabotaging any chance of combating obesity in their patients. Instead of experiencing youthful, uninterrupted sleep, which leaves people feeling refreshed in the morning, poor sleepers are not only suffering from excessive daytime fatigue, but accelerating early death.”

For the first time, Dr. Moricz reveals the most closely guarded anti-aging secrets for youthful sleep, once exclusively reserved for top performing VIP clients, that everyday Americans could immediately implement and benefit from:

(1) How disruption in this part of the day creates “uphill battle” with the bulge of the belly.

(2) How overlooking the peaks and valleys of these two critical nighttime chemicals make fat loss almost impossible and skyrocketing of blood sugars out of control inevitable.

(3) How medical doctors who treat insomnia on a day-to-day basis (including psychiatric specialists) resist ordering “this test” even when it holds the key to restful sleep.

(4) Why the two most commonly ordered FDA-approved sleep prescriptions are not and were never designed to give Americans deep sleep on a continuing basis.

Body Hormone Balance clients travel both near and far to have Dr. Moricz help them rediscover youthfulness so they can feel and perform like they did when they were twenty again. Dr. Moricz is a leading expert in the integration of weight, hormonal and fatigue management. For a fascinating interview, call (903) 794-6962.

Skin Alert: How to Avoid Early Aging of the Skin

young looking skin

A topic that has been in the news but rarely addressed has now resurfaced.  A recent study has crystalized the beneficial effects of use of sunscreen on the skin.  In particular, a surface evaluation of the skin was performed that confirmed reduced skin damage from UV rays with sunscreen.

And why is this critical for you?  This has significance for reducing the risk of skin cancer.  Esthetically, people have always been looking to stop the premature wrinkling and coarseness of the skin.

But what this article doesn’t tell you is that 80% of skin damage is due to UV rays.  And the next important point is that sunscreen alone is not the entire answer for protecting your skin in the first place.  Secondly, the article doesn’t address current approaches for rejuvenation of the skin at all.

So what is the solution?  Agreeably, limiting sun exposure and use of sunscreen certainly makes a lot of sense.  Naturally, it goes without saying that if there was a method to protect the skin from free radicals (damage from unstable oxygen)and replenishment of the nourishment of the skin with increased turnover, then skin would not only look younger, but would not age as quickly.

And I’m so glad you asked.  These are the very approaches that have been custom designed based on skin type for people I see every day.  So many people consider it a breakthrough, but in many ways it is really an incorporation of research that has already been done but never consistently applied.

So what is the next step? Using ‘Dr. Moricz’s’ Skin By Skin System, which is based on your individual skin type, and your request to correct certain undesirable features of your skin, a custom designed solution is created for you.

So what kind of skin transformation can you expect?  Based on this Exclusive European Rejuvenator System, it is common to take 10 years off your face in less than 10 days.  And how confident should you be in the results?  Well, of course, there is a guarantee.  A completely risk free, no hassle guarantee that if it doesn’t take 10 years off your face in less than 10 days your money is returned without any hassles or annoying questions.

So when can you get started?  Call Alicia at (903) 306-2215, to see if she has any spots left for the Summer Beauty Evaluation (a $97 value) while spots are still available.

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