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WARNING: FDA states ‘aging’ is not a disease

Stunning but true…


The agency that consistently has trouble regulating itself ( let alone your safety and health) reveals a ‘real shocker’ :

Sandy Walsh, an FDA spokes-woman, said the agency’s perspective has long been that “aging” isn’t a disease. ” We clearly have approved drugs that treat consequences of aging, ” she said. Although the FDA currently is inclined to treat diseases prevalent in older people as separate medical conditions, ” if someone in the drug development industry found something that treated all of these, we might revisit our thinking.”

What does this mean for you:

* there is a lot of money to be made by waiting for your mind and body to breakdown ( wait for CHECK ENGINE LIGHT !) by hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies

* there is less money to be made by hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies if getting older did NOT mean getting significantly sicker ( people would invest in therapies for living healthier and sexier not BANDAID-ING preventable illnesses after the fact )

* there is an INCORRECT assumption that the drug industry is the ‘best way’ to attack known diseases and that you MUST rely on getting the diagnosis and hoping the drug industry has an invested interest in stopping diseases many years before they hurt you ( HOPE is NOT a strategy, especially if placed in the FDA and drug industry)

What can you do NOW :

IF none of this alarms you, please ignore anything else in this very critical message,assume that what the FDA, drug industry, and doctors are telling YOU is ‘completely true’, and hope that in 20 years what is already known to be benefiting a ‘few and privileged few’ RIGHT NOW will someday help YOU when regulatory agencies publicly admit they were ‘wrong’ and unnecessarily withheld these already effective and proven “life changing breakthroughs” for people who are just like YOU.

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Could DOCTORS and 52 million Americans be wrong

Could 52 million Americans be WRONG about having to hurt when opening jars or tying their shoelaces, OR feeling “stiff and achy” all over, AND losing out on life because their knees “hurt”…

Could 52 million Americans be WRONG about OPTIONS

like drugs…(dangerous),

like injections ….(OUCH!),

or even surgery… (risky!)

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HYPE or NOT: Is your face really worth ‘170 Billion dollars’ ?

That’s right, the beauty industry has grown to epic proportions with 50 Billion dollars spent alone in the United States…

Sure, you want smooth, glowing, youthful skin…
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