The GOOD, BAD, and the UGLY…

The GOOD, BAD, And the UGLY…

( Great movie, but that’s NOT what we’re talking about..)

Let’s start with the UGLY News: this NEW YEAR
everybody in the world( gyms, nutrition stores, online ads, “weight loss in a box” programs, group meetings, and pill clinics) have tried to SELL YOU on “their” so called solution to your secret desire to be “sexier and healthier” this NEW YEAR/ Keep your MONEY !

Then the BAD News: they know they can’t provide you with a sustainable outcome- yeah, that’s right( they know three months from now you could be “worse off” and completed depleted of self confidence, all beaten up and disappointed, with a ‘slower metabolism’ than you started with( AND I can tell you why in a moment if you are the type of person who wants to know in advance)/ This is to protect YOU !

AND here’s the Good News !!! YOU could do this FOR FREE( no gimmicks or conditions) AND have enjoy sustainable results — be sexier and healthier in the NEW YEAR and ALL year long ! ( : answer and solution below)

BUT you probably don’t have 30 seconds or a smart phone or a “real reason” to be the ‘magnetic center of social attention” ( the envy of all your friends) ???

Time is about up….( 4 DAYS to be exact…)
UNLESS you choose to CLICK BELOW:

If you purchased all the components of this VIP program separately, you could pay up to $1,700. But as the winner of the 2015 Dream Dress Size Video Contest, you’ll get it all at no charge—the personal attention from me, the support of my great staff, the unique weight loss supplement formulations you can’t get anywhere else, and so much more.


LAST AND FINAL THOUGHT:  Others have lost 10, 20, or even 30 lbs of fat because they believe in ME and my system ( are you really that different) :

“After 4 weeks on this weight loss program I was literally a new person. I was happy again. I was never hungry. I’ve never felt so much energy in my life. I’ve felt more confident than ever…I no longer feel ashamed of my weight…I have become the person I used to be 20 years ago.” — S.H.

“My weekly meetings with Dr. Moricz, and his wonderful staff, leave me feeling safe in his care, motivated, and that I’m losing the body fat in a healthy manner. I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to be involved in a life changing experience. There are really no words to explain how this program has changed my body, soul and spirit.” — Donna Wright

HOW would YOU like to test drive it for FREE ( really!):


P.S. Feel free to forward this CONTEST to a friend in the Arklatex who’s sick and tired of feeling sick and tired from carrying around too much weight. The contest is open to legal residents of TX, OK, LA, and AR age 21+.

P.P.S. Remember…you just need up to 30 seconds of video…so in a minute from now, you could already have a winning entry! Go to to get all the details and instructions.

P.P.P.S. Check out Chapter THREE ( why those “other weight loss approaches” don’t really give you lasting results EVERThis is MILLION dollar advice UNLESS you choose to ignore it !

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