Oh, no ! January is slipping away & YOU are going to be left behind…

January is slipping away…and like many folks who resolve to lose weight, you may have already given up on yourself for another year. Don’t let your past dictate your future. You can achieve your dream dress size in 2015. And if you’re motivated enough to tell me why you want to lose weight, you could even do it for free!

We kicked off our first ever Dream Dress Size Video Contest on January 1st. The idea is simple. Just grab your cell phone or video camera, and shoot up to 30 seconds of video. Make a video selfie (or have a friend help). Describe why you want to lose weight, and what it will mean to you, and you may just win a totally personalized 12-week weight loss program, including weekly visits with me. It’s the same unique Hollywood-style approach to weight loss that attracts clients from all over the country to our office here in the Arklatex.

“After 4 weeks on this weight loss program I was literally a new person. I was happy again. I was never hungry. I’ve never felt so much energy in my life. I’ve felt more confident than ever…I no longer feel ashamed of my weight…I have become the person I used to be 20 years ago.” — S.H.

If you purchased all the components of this VIP program separately, you could pay up to $1,700. But as the winner of the 2015 Dream Dress Size Video Contest, you’ll get it all at no charge—the personal attention from me, the support of my great staff, the unique weight loss supplement formulations you can’t get anywhere else, and so much more. Just visit the information page at http://www.DreamDressSize.com for the contest instructions and rules. The contest is open to legal residents of the Arklatex who are at least 21 at the time you record your video.

“My weekly meetings with Dr. Moricz, and his wonderful staff, leave me feeling safe in his care, motivated, and that I’m losing the body fat in a healthy manner. I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to be involved in a life changing experience. There are really no words to explain how this program has changed my body, soul and spirit.” — Donna Wright

George F. Moricz, M.D.
Founder of the Body Hormone Transformation

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