CLOSING thoughts of the year…

Yes I know, 2014 is coming to a CLOSE and a new year is almost here.

I feel logically and emotionally compelled to divulge the top three (and there are a total of seven – go to POPULAR “biggest lies about weight loss” that will sabotage weight loss sufferers every single year. And I know what you’re thinking.
What’s in it for me? Quite truthfully, it makes me nauseous and very irritated to see so many people waste so much time and effort and beat themselves up emotionally because they are almost GUARANTEED to fail without discovering these three biggest lies that have been perpetuated year after year by one doctor, nutritionist, physical trainer after another. The BS must stop. So BEFORE anyone tells you differently in 2015 ,here they are:
1. I’ll exercise more (to lose weight)…

Weight loss sufferers are likely to fall victim to the countless advertisements for exercise. And don’t get me wrong, there is a proper role for exercise. But if you get one thing right, exercise will be the best additive component to losing fat and maintaining it. So, do this first, before you start your exercise program and your weight loss will explode. (Go to page 18 once you register at

Miserable and very little to show for it!
2. I’ll eat less after the holidays (to lose weight)…

This is the most common reason for failed weight loss goals in the new year and becomes the single most reason that people come to me for weight loss management in the first place. (Go to pages 14 – 15 once you register at and I will show you why three months after initial weight loss you will always rebound unless you discover this “one breakthrough secret”).

Starving myself is a great long term solution! NOT


If Hollywoood stars like Leonardo Dicaprio and Nicole Kidman needed to perform and feel optimally because hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake, do you really believe they would subject themselves to group meetings with disenchanted people, prepared box meals, calorie counting frenzies, and pill clinics? (Go to pages 16 – 17 once you register at, where discovering this one critically important secret will have you forever avoid the exact things that everybody else who is almost guaranteed to fail in the long run will do and you should NOT do unless you want to burn money, destroy your self-confidence and set yourself up for another guaranteed failure.)
So what do you need to do RIGHT NOW? Quite honestly, it really doesn’t matter to me if you, your closest family member or best friend ever participates or takes advantage of the opportunity to work one-on-one with me, the Founder of the Hormonal Blueprint System. But what really does matter is that you protect yourself, your closest family member, your best friend, from all the unproven, unscientific, money sucking, confidence stripping, weight loss approaches that they are preparing to bombard you the moment 2015 rolls around.    Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation and Happy New Year, George Moricz MD

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