HOW did YOU sleep last night…

How did you sleep last night ?

Are You Ready to Go From Beauty Sleep to Sleeping Beauty…

IMAGINE: Waking Up Refreshed, Revitalized, and Feeling More Beautiful Than You Have In Years.

VIP Clients Who travel both near and far to the ARKLATEX Hail This as a Small MIRACLE for Taking Years Off Their Age. These Smart and Savvy Women Swear by This Proven Secret For Restful Sleep Without Dangerous Drugs.

Here’s Why I’m Writing You Today…

According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation, up to 63% of Women in the US suffer some kind of insomnia several times a week.

Even though many women will try a variety of ways to solve this problem to get even a little more rest – including “big name” over the counter pills, potentially addictive drugs, and all kinds of “urban legend concoctions,” the result in real life is that very few succeed and most continue to just struggle along and do the best they can.

Ask yourself – are you experiencing any of the following?

• No matter what you do or how hard you try, you just can’t get a SOLID night’s sleep.
• Every morning you wake up groggy, sluggish, the total opposite of refreshed.
• Your energy levels are just not where they should be – you feel exhausted all throughout the day and seek relief in endless energy drinks.
• After your day is done, there’s nothing left to give to family, friends, hobbies… you’re spent… empty… there’s just nothing left in the tank.
• To compensate for that feeling of fatigue and anxiety all you want to do is eat – and it’s junk food you crave… sweets, chocolate, chips, not nourishing food either.
• You’ve tried all the sleeping pills, OTC / Prescription, which may have worked for a bit but nothing lasted and none provided the REAL rest your body needs.
• You worry about looking older than you are… when you look in the mirror, the woman looking back at you just isn’t YOU!
• All the good things that used to bring you so much joy – family, hobbies, career, etc. – just aren’t fun anymore and in fact fill your life with regret.

What would it take to predict if Dr. Moricz’s Ultimate Sleep SolutionTM would be right for you ?
Take this simple quiz…..check off all that apply!
Over the past year, I generally …
________Have trouble getting to sleep.
________Experience sleep interruption s( waking up during night ).
________Still feel tired when I wake up in morning.
________Need mid- morning coffee to get thru morning.
________Need ‘five hour energy drinks’ , or stimulants to get thru afternoon.
________Fall asleep after dinner.

Once you complete your questionnaire call 903-306-2215 customer service and I’ll show you what is perhaps one of the most closely guarded secrets to rebooting your brain’s sleep chemicals that will have you wishing you had asked me about earlier.
Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F . Moricz , MD
Former chronic sleep sufferer and inventor of Ultimate Sleep SolutionTM

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