SPLIT SECOND DECISION: Why things turn out so well for one person, and so differently for another

You TOO have a decision…

We all have them…
Moments that change our lives…

It might be the the first time you met that special someone… or when you discovered the person who inspired you to pursue your chosen career… or when you were introduced to your best friend.

Imagine how your life would be different if you hadn’t gone to that party, or attended that event. What if you had decided to stay at home instead ? How would you your life be different now ? These are the moments you never forget and rightly so. Because without these chance meetings and split second decisions, our lives would be completely different.

WHAT made this group of people SO SPECIAL. WHAT if it was their DECISION to discover WHAT few others ever heard about, let alone taken advantage of, EVEN though everybody could…

WHAT did they really discover
ABOUT going back to the FUTURE NOW…

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