  Dr. Moricz: A True but Tragic Story of Real Life

Years ago something that stuck with me in childhood and maybe one of the “secret reasons” that I do what I do with the people that I choose to do it with which may be more critical for your knowledge than any other reason why you, too, may be desiring to supercharge your relationships, rev up your metabolism or run circles around your friends.


I grew up in a small town and in this small town I grew up on a street that was part of a protected town forest. At the end of the street there was a cul de sac where there was a very successful gentleman and his wife who were considered successful in the eyes of a “small child” for many different reasons. One of the more entertaining reasons was that he had one of the largest Christmas outdoor displays on the street. And yes he had Rudolph and all the reindeers and multiple other reminders of what Christmas was all about. If the story just ended there, it would have satisfied the fascination of most children. But in the back of my mind, this and some other subconscious signs hinted as to why this gentleman was so successful. I was reminded of my fascination with this gentleman because the way my sister and I looked forward to walking down the street at night to see these incredible Christmas displays and always wondering how great it would be to be a man just like him.



Well something tragic happened to this very successful gentleman when he was just 51 years old. He died of a sudden heart attack. What was even more confusing to everyone including myself is everyone said “He just had an annual check-up the day before and the doctor said everything was okay.” There are possible lessons in this story but none greater than one that I had learned in my medical training-yearly general practitioner evaluations were not very helpful unless the person had specific complaints. And yes, over the years we had better diagnostic and prognostic markers but none of these were very useful if not applied by the right doctor to the right client with the right plan. In other words, you can give clay to an untalented person and the result is nothing whereas the same clay given to an artist could create a masterpiece sculpture that would impress people for generations. In the same way, all the tools in the world are completely useless if not applied to the right person, at the right time, and interpreted the right way and managed with the cooperativity of the person involved to make a critically big change that could delay a sudden heart attack or other medical disaster.


Many have asked if their yearly general practitioner evaluations are really that different than that of the successful person who had lost his life in an early point in time. In other words, any of his financial or social success had absolutely no benefit to the top of his wealth pyramid (health) if he did not plug himself in early enough with the right doctor. So many people will walk away from this story in despair, when in fact it actually is a story of hope. Whether I was influenced by this tragic story early in my life, I will never completely know. But what is apparent is that on a daily basis I do have the privilege of catching early thyroid dysfunction, early signs of diabetes, and enjoying the successful participation of people who want to lose fat. See, so many people that I see on a daily basis who also thought they, too, had a general practitioner evaluation that gave them a ticket of clearance in their health when, in fact, I often catch early warning signs of thyroid dysfunction, early signs of diabetes and people struggling to lose fat which if not corrected increase not only risk of heart attack, stroke but also cancer.


All in all, the people who I get to see and help are living a much bigger life because they are “smart and savvy” enough to know that what is being offered to them instead of general medical, insurance based, government prescription world that is highly inadequate. And I wonder if the successful gentleman that died at age 51 may have suffered from this deceptive over-assurance from the medical establishment. Today we know this does not have to be the case and sometimes to the shock and amazement of people who thought they, too, had a clean bill of health are already displaying early warning signs which I have written about in a previous letter on the Check Engine Light / Black Box Syndrome.


So, I leave you with three critical tenets that have shaped the reason I get up every day and look forward to giving people their Body Hormone Transformation even when nothing else has worked.
• Set up people for success, not failure!

• Live in a creative plane, not a competitive plane!

• Avoid unnecessary fear and worry because they are spiritual and mental wealth killers!

In the future feel free to ask me about why these have become the basis for giving people their Big Life the way they are done today at Body Hormone Balance.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,


George Moricz M.D.

Founder of Hormonal Blueprint System



P.S. I have put together a SPECIAL REPORT that could benefit someone you care about. So pick up the phone and call 903-306-2215 or email us at info@bodyhormonebalance.com with their information inclusing mailing address. But hurry I only have a few copies left so don’t wait call today!

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