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SAVE THIS DATE! Clear your calendars! And only tell the best of your friends!


You have been given an IRRESISTABLE INVITATION to the BIGGEST DINNER EVENT of the year (on November 14th) that will top the last BIG EVENT where every seat was filled.

What will you and your guests discover?  NEVER HEARD BEFORE PUBLICALLY, Dr. Moricz will reveal “most closely guarded jewel” of anti-aging for the very first time.  Every guest you register increases your chances for special door prize.  So, register you and your guest early (last event filled every seat in advance).

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F. Moricz, MD

P.S. – And REMEMBER, every guest that you bring increases your chance to WIN special door prize.   Call (903) 306-2215 to register. Or register below: