Save The Date!! August 8th Evening Dinner!

you're invited without see backThat’s right!  Dr. Moricz is “spilling all the beans” and “pulling back the curtains” for a fascinating evening.  It’s what you’ve been waiting for… Dr. Moricz goes OFF the record to provide a first time “sneak peak” on what will make you feel and perform like you are in your 20s.  This is an RSVP event with free dinner, which means that you and your guest must be registered in advance to attend.

Please call (903) 306-2215 to get scheduled.

The Staff at Body Hormone Balance

P.S. – Based on the last dinner event with Dr. Moricz, spots filled up very quickly so don’t miss your CHANCE while still available.

P.P.S. – Dr. Moricz will help you discover the “most closely guarded anti-aging secrets” that very few have ever heard about and even fewer have ever taken advantage of.  He’ll be releasing material that he was not able to include in Body Hormone Balance Revolution

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