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Skin Alert: How to Avoid Early Aging of the Skin

young looking skin

A topic that has been in the news but rarely addressed has now resurfaced.  A recent study has crystalized the beneficial effects of use of sunscreen on the skin.  In particular, a surface evaluation of the skin was performed that confirmed reduced skin damage from UV rays with sunscreen.

And why is this critical for you?  This has significance for reducing the risk of skin cancer.  Esthetically, people have always been looking to stop the premature wrinkling and coarseness of the skin.

But what this article doesn’t tell you is that 80% of skin damage is due to UV rays.  And the next important point is that sunscreen alone is not the entire answer for protecting your skin in the first place.  Secondly, the article doesn’t address current approaches for rejuvenation of the skin at all.

So what is the solution?  Agreeably, limiting sun exposure and use of sunscreen certainly makes a lot of sense.  Naturally, it goes without saying that if there was a method to protect the skin from free radicals (damage from unstable oxygen)and replenishment of the nourishment of the skin with increased turnover, then skin would not only look younger, but would not age as quickly.

And I’m so glad you asked.  These are the very approaches that have been custom designed based on skin type for people I see every day.  So many people consider it a breakthrough, but in many ways it is really an incorporation of research that has already been done but never consistently applied.

So what is the next step? Using ‘Dr. Moricz’s’ Skin By Skin System, which is based on your individual skin type, and your request to correct certain undesirable features of your skin, a custom designed solution is created for you.

So what kind of skin transformation can you expect?  Based on this Exclusive European Rejuvenator System, it is common to take 10 years off your face in less than 10 days.  And how confident should you be in the results?  Well, of course, there is a guarantee.  A completely risk free, no hassle guarantee that if it doesn’t take 10 years off your face in less than 10 days your money is returned without any hassles or annoying questions.

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Trouble at Home: Safety Issues Lurk Inside the FDA

blood pressure meds

The FDA is in the news again and it’s not good news at all.  Time and time again, the FDA has shown that it is unable to regulate itself.  The latest fiasco concerns health risks to Americans taking high blood pressure medicines.  The FDA’s response was that it would take a lot of man hours to investigate whether there is an increase in cancer rates in this group of people who are taking a specific blood pressure medicine.

A top selling class of blood pressure medicines is under attack from an unusual source: a senior regulator at the Food and Drug Administration.  Last year, these drugs generated $7.6 billion in the US and may be linked to higher cancer rates.

So what does this have to do with Americans who are not taking blood pressure medicines?  It seems like a revolving door with the FDA.  They prove time and time again that they are unable to regulate   themselves, let alone medications which are proved and then later taken off the market.  It seems that safety is taking a second priority to appeasing pharmaceutical companies.  In fact, the FDA often uses the very studies submitted by the pharmaceutical companies which already have a vested interest in having the medication show benefits.

And why should this concern you?  Because every day the collusion of insurance companies who contract with drug distributors who warehouse “so called deals” on buying large volumes of drugs, depend on FDA approval to increase their sales.  Pharmaceutical companies have made inroads with doctors’ offices and hospitals so that it becomes “accepted fact” that these are the mainstream way of doing things.  When these companies work together to brainwash the way drugs are prescribed, dispensed and used in a seemingly approved way, safety takes a back seat.

So what do you have to do to protect yourself?  Let me share this by way of example.  If I were to write a prescription which is recommended by a certain insurance or drug plan, and hand it to a patient whose insurance company was already directing traffic to use of this medicine, and gave it to a patient without mentioning safer approaches and treatment plans, THEN the patient would without any question fill this drug at a local prescription pharmacy or mail order plan and take it because they “got a deal.”  In other words, these companies have made it easier for everyday people to NOT question use of this drug and remove any objection to its safety – because a financial incentive was given to these people to have it filled in the first place.

On the other hand, if I were to suggest a safe, proven, approach for evaluation and safe& even natural treatment plan, then because of all the hype created about “mainstream approaches” the client would often stop and resist.  And how true this is.  They have done such a good job on TV, internet and print marketing to convince you and every one of your family members, that “getting a deal” with toxic medicines by an agency who can’t regulate its own safety  is the way to go.

And so the decision is yours. 

  • And as you start thinking about what is more important for you…
  • And as you start taking an interest in safer approaches and even questioning your diagnoses…
  • And as you demand better outcomes and better accountability…

The choice is clear.  You are looking for a safe, effective and natural approach for both evaluation and treatment to AVOID the risks of synthetic medicines which never belonged in your body in the first place and have hidden dangers which have not even been examined.

To discover even more of why this is so critical for you to avoid the synthetic and possibly toxic approaches approved by the FDA, get your copy of Body Hormone Balance Revolution and devour chapter 5 in its entirety.  And the next time that you see me in the office, ask me to review your medication list to see what could be done safer and better for you while avoiding hidden risks to your health with the use of FDA approved medications.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F. Moricz, MD

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Metabolic Syndrome: A Deadly Concoction!


big belly man

You may not have heard of Metabolic Syndrome; however, you probably have heard of the conditions that, when combined, create it.

The group of conditions that contribute to Metabolic Syndrome are:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Elevated glucose levels (high blood sugar)
  • Extra fat around the waist
  • Unhealthy cholesterol levels (High LDL/Low HDL)

Each of these conditions, on their own increases your risk of serious diseases!  However, combined, they drastically increase your risk of diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

In fact, according to WebMD, the combination of these conditions can “double your risk of heart and blood vessel disease… and increase your risk of diabetes by five times.”  And that’s not even taking into account the other risk factors that each individual condition creates all on its own!

There are multiple risk factors associated with Metabolic Syndrome!  Risks increase with age.  For example, approximately less than 10 percent of people in their 20s have Metabolic Syndrome; while around 40 percent of the population in their 60s have Metabolic Syndrome!

A family history of type 2 diabetes or a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease or any one of the conditions associated with Metabolic Syndrome could increase your risk of the others.

A waist circumference of 40 inches or larger for men, and 35 inches or larger for women, could also increase your risk of Metabolic Syndrome.

Some of the best ways to improve your health and these conditions are steps you can start taking right away, including losing weight and eating healthy.  If you have any or all of these conditions, please call us today on (903) 306-2215.  We’ll create a customized program to help you lose weight, feel better, look younger and get the most out of life!