Is Aging Inevitable?

aging person

Yes, you heard it.  Is aging before your years the norm?  Everywhere you go, everyone you look at, everybody seems to be telling you the same thing “you are aging before your years.”

Before we get to the solution, it is critical to understand the reasons.  There are two main causes of aging.

  •  Number one is genetic.
  • Number two is random events.

First, what are the genetic causes of aging?  There are several theories that support genetics.  Everything from cells having a certain limit of division, which means basically they can only multiply so many times, after which they die.  The other theory is that DNA chromosomes have a point to which they shorten and cannot divide any further.  Still, there are theories on pre-programmed cell death which means cells stop dividing altogether.  Still, other theories talk about defects in DNA when they multiply, just like a copy machine that sometimes makes bad copies.  And finally, aging cells secrete compounds that shorten the lifespan of different organs and cells.

What are the random event causes of aging?  Several theories explain aging by random events.  This can mean wear and tear, accumulation of toxic substances, including waste production that damages cells and makes them die faster.  Free radical theory describes oxygen molecules that react with cells.  And what this means is that when your body does not have enough antioxidants, it cannot protect itself.  Another popular theory is the mitochondrial aging theory, which says that these powerhouses which produce energy get damaged over time and accelerate aging.  And there are still other theories on cross-linking of cells which make them stiff as well as other theories of how glycation (damage by sugar products) cause damage to cells including nerves and blood vessels.  Also important is the theory of a poor immune system which leads to increased infections and damage to cells.  And lastly, but perhaps most importantly is the failing hormonal system theory of aging.  This is based on hormone level decline between ages 25 and 80, with loss of up to 50% of hormone levels.

So what theory seems to be most important and what produces the best results?  Certainly all these theories contribute to the damage of cells and what we call aging.  Premature aging occurs clinically between the ages of 30 and 50.  Oftentimes clients will come to me in their 50s and can still reap the benefits but have already 30 years of premature aging that has not been controlled.

There is also the issue of hormone secretion patterns during the night and day that are not working to their maximum potential.  For instance, there is a sleep hormone which is highest at night and receptors in the body are also highest at night, but lowest in the daytime.  As this rhythm disappears, it causes disruption in sleep.  And as many of my clients have found out, this affects other hormones and causes metabolic as well as immune problems as well.   Another example, as people get older, receptors of the thyroid hormone decrease between ages 30 and 60 by more than 40%.  So the hormone is less effective and causes disruption in blood flow, metabolism and immunity.  It also does not counteract other hormones which work in a symphony.

So what is the solution to the problem?  As you can see, there are multiple theories of aging and it can be very confusing unless you had a proper evaluation.  As a fundamental principal of the hormonal blueprint system, described in Chapter 2 of Body Hormone Balance Revolution, you had your perfect hormonal blueprint at age 20.  For all the details, be sure to devour every page of Chapter 2 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution.  If you’re wondering how you could reap all the benefits of anti-aging, be sure to call Alicia at (903) 306-2215 to see how you can avoid the disability of pre-mature aging which, in turn, causes disruption in your energy, relationships, affecting the way you look feel and perform every single day.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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