Health Update: Muscle Wasting Disease Research – What You Need to Know

muscle wasting disease

Many have heard about muscle wasting diseases such as Muscular dystrophy.  There are a group of disorders which are very debilitating that have caused wasting of the muscle.  A recent article on one form of this disease called Muscular dystrophy reveals newer research on drugs for slowing the debilitating effects of this very unfortunate disease.  There are 30 inherited diseases that fall under the definition of Muscular dystrophy.  And there are also other related disorders that result in loss of muscle and weakness as well.

The latest research focuses on these newer medicines that are based on the genes responsible for muscle wasting.

And why is this so important?  When looking at the signals from the DNA to make the proper proteins for muscle function, there are many steps that can be faulty.  When treating patients for age related Sarcopenia (muscle wasting); there is a decrease in muscle in the body that accounts for changes in metabolism and loss of daily function.  Metabolically, storage of glycogen is lowered because liver and skeletal muscle are responsible for these energy reserves.  It is also known that with increased muscle mass, there is increase in metabolism and stabilization of blood sugar.

And while the research is focused on attacking the faulty steps in the gene and its protein production necessary for muscle function, you may be thinking “what else will combat muscle breakdown in these patients and others who suffer from age related muscle decline overall?

Hormonal based therapies can not only increase the size of the cell, but increase the number of cells as well.  Developments in nutritional testing can take advantage of revving up what we call the energy cycle in energy producing powerhouses called mitochondria.

And what is this energy cycle?  It is the necessary steps that transfer the energy of molecules into production of an energy currency usable throughout the body by little powerhouses that are located in cells such as muscles and even the brain.

So what you have is little generators whose efficiency declines over time because it is bombarded with toxic substances.  For people who are suffering with a predisposition to muscle wasting, attention is even more critical for optimizing the substrates or what you might call “factory parts that let the factory generator be more efficient.”  And what this all means is more energy production so that fatigue is delayed.

So what does someone with early loss of muscle, whether it be genetic or age related or due to nutritional and hormonal causes do?  As is true with most early aging or defects in the way the body works, a detailed assessment of intracellular nutrition and hormonal status are performed in order that corrective therapy be applied to the cells.  Once this very critical analysis is completed, care is taken as soon as possible to restore as many of the muscle cells’ number and size and provide enough nutrition so that they can perform optimally.  As exciting as these new genetic therapies are, it would be too premature to abandon basic hormonal and nutritional therapies which have given good results to people even when other therapies have not worked.

Now, if you or someone that you know is suffering from loss of muscle mass (change in clothing size, loss of muscle tone when looking in the mirror, poor stamina and endurance and inability to complete daily physical activity) then the next step is clear.  Call Alicia at (903) 306-2215 to set up an evaluation to see how these approaches would help you and protect muscle function earlier rather than later.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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