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hot off the press

Consumer Trend Update: Why the Typical Doctor’s Visit is Rapidly Being Replaced by “A Completely New Appproach” by Smart Consumers All Across East Texas

How the medical industry “as it is known” has ignored the one factor that has kept it in business so long – customer service. The most valued customer — the patient — is putting the outdated model of the typical doctor’s visit out of business by opting for a complete different model of wellness.

Texarkana, TX (PRWEB) May 22, 2013

“Going to the doctor has almost nothing to do with avoiding illness,” according to physician expert and personalized medicine advocate, Dr. George Moricz , Founder of the Hormonal Blueprint System and author of Body Hormone Balance Revolution.

To keep everyday Americans informed, Dr. Moricz is constantly updating clients on the latest breakthrough advances that the field of “personalized medicine” can offer. For the first time, he reveals the compelling reasons why he, an advocate and practitioner of personalized medicine, had to rethink everything he had ever learned in medical school, after becoming a patient himself:

1. Involving “this middleman” prevents Americans from getting healthy.

2. How wiping out obesity in the United States would eliminate these two industries and simultaneously kill the American economy.

3. Why this agency does not want you to know that it can’t regulate itself or protect Americans.

4. How this aspect of medical training hinders doctors from helping Americans avoid disease in the first place.

When calling Dr. Moricz, you will discover, ” the underlying secret reason” that personalized medicine will replace medicine as we currently know it in the United States.

Dr. Moricz is a leading expert in the integration of weight, hormonal and fatigue management, who is delivering “over the top” transformations for his personalized medical clients who travel both near and far for his anti-aging therapies. For a fascinating interview, call him at 903-794-6962.

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