Something That Is Already Causing a Lot of Controversy in Texarkana and I Just Wanted You To Be Prepared..

prescription drugs

You’ve probably already heard about the “secret truth” about what is going on with government and pharmaceutical company collusion and heavy fisted marketing campaigns in the over the counter and vitamin pill stores and commercial weight loss programs.  BUT you probably have not heard anyone stick their neck out and TELL YOU THE TRUTH.   Despite all of the negative consequences and controversy, I am willing to do it and I will tell you why I do it and what it has done to benefit the residents of the Arklatex.

And what would it take for you to be in on these “secret truths.”  Well, here it goes…  You have TWO ways to access this critically vital information to protect yourself.

  1. Our blog

Once you have accessed these two vital sources of information, please contact Alicia at (903) 794-6962 so that I can even show you more.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Balance Transformation,

George F Moricz, M.D.

P.S.  – If you have missed any news about free giveaways and more, you definitely need to contact us by email:, visit our blog or “like” us on facebook

P.P.S. – Whether you are an e-book/kindle reader or love paperback, please go to  If you are having trouble finding Body Hormone Balance Revolution in your local bookstore, please call Alicia at (903)306-2215 to discover all the anti-aging secrets of the Body Hormone Balance program and why your transformation is closer than you really think.

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