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What Very Few People Have Ever Been Told About Brain Function And Yet Many People REALLY Must Know….


Let me start with a true story of a patient who had not only difficulty with focus, attention and getting through her every day, but extremely disruptful sleep.  She had been tried on different medicines for staying focused and helping her mood.  It seemed that none of the prescription medicines did anything to help her.  Like many people who had visited the doctor, they had been given a prescription with many known side effects without having ever really been tested thoroughly.

What do I really mean?  Isn’t it strange that a prescription for brain function, with multiple side effects, can be prescribed to you without ever having established any underlying imbalances in brain chemistry:

  • Isn’t it true that these prescription medicines are supposed to help you with mood, focus,  drive and sleep when, in fact, the exact imbalance or deficiency of brain chemicals has never been tested.
  • Isn’t it also true that it feels AWFUL to be labeled as unfocused, moody, anxious or possibly even depressed when there has never been anything to PINPOINT the exact brain chemical imbalance or deficiency in the first place.
  • And isn’t it true that you would love to avoid all the side effects of these medicines including disrupted sleep, weight gain and all the highs and lows that many of these prescription medicines cause.
  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally figure out the exact brain chemical imbalance or deficiency and correct it naturally WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES?

Well that’s exactly what the individual described above did.  Within a matter of days, she was finally able to get work done, feeling calm, sleep better, without any reliance on prescription medications.

So what did she do?  As part of what is called the NeuroReset program, she underwent a detailed evaluation of her symptoms, underwent specialized testing, and based on that testing was given natural brain chemical nutrition to replace and correct deficiencies and imbalances.  So you may be wondering what would it take for you to benefit from this readily available, safe and effective approach so you can “put the living back in your life.”  To find out how this program can help you, please call (903) 306-2215 so you can get your life back again.


Hot off the Press! – Texarkana News Update

hot off the press

Consumer Trend Update: Why the Typical Doctor’s Visit is Rapidly Being Replaced by “A Completely New Appproach” by Smart Consumers All Across East Texas

How the medical industry “as it is known” has ignored the one factor that has kept it in business so long – customer service. The most valued customer — the patient — is putting the outdated model of the typical doctor’s visit out of business by opting for a complete different model of wellness.

Texarkana, TX (PRWEB) May 22, 2013

“Going to the doctor has almost nothing to do with avoiding illness,” according to physician expert and personalized medicine advocate, Dr. George Moricz , Founder of the Hormonal Blueprint System and author of Body Hormone Balance Revolution.

To keep everyday Americans informed, Dr. Moricz is constantly updating clients on the latest breakthrough advances that the field of “personalized medicine” can offer. For the first time, he reveals the compelling reasons why he, an advocate and practitioner of personalized medicine, had to rethink everything he had ever learned in medical school, after becoming a patient himself:

1. Involving “this middleman” prevents Americans from getting healthy.

2. How wiping out obesity in the United States would eliminate these two industries and simultaneously kill the American economy.

3. Why this agency does not want you to know that it can’t regulate itself or protect Americans.

4. How this aspect of medical training hinders doctors from helping Americans avoid disease in the first place.

When calling Dr. Moricz, you will discover, ” the underlying secret reason” that personalized medicine will replace medicine as we currently know it in the United States.

Dr. Moricz is a leading expert in the integration of weight, hormonal and fatigue management, who is delivering “over the top” transformations for his personalized medical clients who travel both near and far for his anti-aging therapies. For a fascinating interview, call him at 903-794-6962.

Should All Women Be Tested For Hereditary Breast Cancer – Like Angelina Jolie?

Dr. with woman

The spotlight is on preventive mastectomy (removal of breasts), which was recently highlighted by Angelina Jolie.  After testing for the genetic breast cancer gene and  her mother’s history of breast cancer from which she died at age 56, Angelina has brought much needed attention to the QUESTION – Should all women be tested for hereditary breast cancer? 

First, a word or two about breast cancer.  Every year 207,000 invasive breast cancer cases are diagnosed in the United States.  40,000 women are reported to die from breast cancer every year.  Risks include age, genetics and use of estrogens with synthetic progestin.  85% of cases are found in women age 50 and above.

With all the attention on breast cancer cases, it is well documented that most are spontaneous cases – which means that they arise on their own.  Women have a 12% risk of developing breast cancer throughout their lifetime, if they do not have the genes for breast cancer.  This can be as high as 60% if they have the breast cancer gene.  Women who have a family history, but no evidence of the genetic cancer gene, have an elevated risk over twice that of the normal population.

Since over 90% of the cases are spontaneous (occur on their own and are not related to breast cancer genes) and 6% of cases are related to genetic breast cancer genes like BRCA1 and BRCA2, this calls into question whether everyone should be tested.  There has been a breast cancer model that is designed to predict risk of breast cancer but has many limitations.  And then there is the reality that many women, regardless of family history, do not get tested in time, if at all, for breast cancer.

So, today, I will do an overview of these issues and in a following discussion look at breast cancer screening itself.  As a start, it is well known that there are different ways to screen for breast cancer and most societies recommend starting at age 40 unless there are histories that would require earlier screening.  Follow up tests when the initial screening mammogram is abnormal can involve ultrasound or more detailed imaging studies like MRI.  There has been much debate on the frequency of testing with mammograms, with arguments as to whether it is needed every year or every 2 years.  Clinical experience by doctors like myself has seen people become diagnosed within a year of having a normal mammogram.  So in our next discussion, we’ll look in a more detailed way at the way mammograms as the current mainstay compared to other imaging modalities that have their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

So with all the attention on Angelina’s decision to have her breasts removed because of the breast cancer gene, the takeaway message is that breast cancer screening is still recommended for people without known family history or breast cancer genes.  And more importantly, because this is a cancer that strikes middle aged women, complications of breast cancer are highly preventable and manageable with implemented screening.  Ultimately, the decision for reducing breast cancer complications comes down to the relationship of the woman and her physician.  A good start would be a frank discussion about concerns of breast cancer screening and reasons that a woman would not want to do it at a certain time in her life.  Oftentimes having a mammogram every 1 – 2 years after age 40 becomes the issue and often presents with newly diagnosed cases outside of that window when a woman decides not to have regular follow up screening mammograms.

So as a great deal of attention is being directed toward the breast cancer gene, which for a select group of people is very, very devastating and may increase not only breast cancer but ovarian cancer risk, many women never get to undergo proper screening and may needlessly be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and die from this disease.  In the next few discussions, we’ll not only discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different types of breast imaging, but also look at the prevention and screening for ovarian cancer as well.

Dedicated to Excellence in Women’s Health,

George F. Moricz, MD

Diplomat of American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology


P.S.  Also, I almost forgot to mention that we have added new services to benefit women in the Arklatex even more.  Please remind us when you come in to see us.




Injecting Bacteria Into Your Body…

bacteria in body

Medical Controversy:  What are they trying to do, kill us?

Yes, it’s true.  Scientists are designing protocols as we speak for injecting bacteria into different parts of the body.  A recent study on 242 people is based on doing just that.

First, a word or two about bacteria that normally live in different parts of the body.  Many of you have heard about prebiotics and probiotics and wonder if industry is leading science.  In other words, has the push to have everybody taking some form of supplementation to increase normal bacteria or taking the bacteria itself really proven?

Let me just say this – YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TOLD THE ENTIRE PICTURE!  And I’m about to “spill the beans” so that you are not left in the dark.

What you are about to discover over the next several weeks when I see you, is the precise answer to the problems that the scientists are trying to address, BUT are not addressing.  What am I talking about? 

  • Most of what I’m about to tell you is based on not just the bacteria itself, but the pH and the interactions of hormones and nutritional balance in the body.  A word or two about pH.  We often hear about how acidic or basic something is.  In other words, when you look at a car battery, a lot of times you hear about how acidic it is.  In other cases, something like baking soda is basic.  This is a balance between hydrogen ions and bicarbonate ions.  Think about it this way – your body has a delicate balance so that the cells may survive and the balance of things like acid and things that buffer it like bases is a fundamental principal of chemistry that actually has a lot more to do with your health than you can think.  This is really as much a part of the solution as is actually introducing bacteria that are under populated or have been replaced by other bacteria that don’t belong.
  • Hormones in certain parts of the body are also known to have a role with regenerating tissue and helping the balance of bacteria which in effect is related to control of pH.
  • Lastly, there is no denial that it would be ideal to replace certain healthy bacteria in certain parts of the body, but it must be done in the setting of balancing other components as well, such as nutrition and hormones.

So what are you going to discover over the next few weeks when you see me?…

  • Why reducing this type of bacteria on the skin is not the complete answer for protecting your skin and maintaining proper pH and skin care.
  • How only replacing this type of bacteria without control of pH in the stomach and ultimately protecting the lining of the gut, will not give the results that are being advertised.
  • How trying to replace this type of bacteria in the bladder without controlling the amount of acidity is not likely to give the results that you have heard about.
  • How introducing this type of healthy bacteria is less important than using this type of hormonal therapy in women to balance the vaginal environment which ultimately reduces infections like yeast and bacteria.

But as you can tell, none of this will ever really help you unless you ask.  So here is the most important thing that I’m going to ask you to do:  Make a list of the body parts that are causing you trouble and you would like to heal with these INSIDE SECRETS.  Once you have written these down, bring this list to your next visit and I will show you, not only which of these healthy bacteria replacement protocols will help you, but also the ones to avoid.  As part of these “over the top” solutions, you have the simple reassurance that you will be using the proper therapy to avoid infection and breakdown of body parts including the skin, gut, bladder and genital tissues, using the latest proven technologies available to members of the Body Hormone Balance family.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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Contest!! Contest!! Contest!!

Gatsby2 Gatsby

It’s the year 1925 and you may be asking how Dr. Moricz ever ended up in the jazz era of the 1920s.  Well, as luck would have it, while he was tinkering with the buttons of the Anti-Aging Machine, the year 1925 was dialed in and the send button was hit.

And so here’s the story that you will complete.  Dr. Moricz has been transported to Gatsby who as we all know is a young man in search of love and success.  But he has a great problem: With all the overconsumption of food and drink, the price of poor sleep and lifestyle have taken its toll on him and all his roaring 20s counterparts.  Secretly, he is asking Dr. Moricz to restore his youthful thinking, shape, energy, as well as those of his friends. 

So here is your chance to complete this story.

Hint #1:  How brain chemical testing and balancing (NEURORESET PROGRAM) will benefit Gatsby and Friends…

Hint #2:  How weight management (see chapter 3 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution) will benefit Gatsby and Friends…

Hint #3:  How hormonal balancing (chapter 2 “Youth is Perfect Health” in Body Hormone Balance Revolution) will benefit Gatsby and Friends…

Hint #4:  How boosting of energy and eliminating inflammation (Body Hormone Balance Anti-Aging Program) will benefit Gatsby and Friends…

Hint #5:  How these “over the top” solutions will give life-changing transformation to Gatsby and all his friends…

In your story, you may use the Anti-Aging Machine just like Dr. Moricz uses his “patented and personalized” medical programs to get these outcomes for Gatsby and his friends:

  • Better Sex
  • Successful weight control
  • Endless energy to spare.

Ultimately, you will be describing how the Body Hormone Balance Program helps people just like you perform and feel like they did in their 20s.  Good luck on collecting your reward!

Dedicated to Your Body Hormone Transformation,

The Staff at Body Hormone Balance

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P.P.S. – As you finish this story, (and get ready to claim your reward), you may be wondering why so many people before you (who had already started enjoying the life changing benefits that the Anti-Aging Program had given them even though they had already received hormonal balance and proper weight control with Dr. Moricz) want to know why they had not asked about it sooner.  But as you complete this story you may already have given yourself the real reason for experiencing the benefits of the Anti-Aging Program or in this case taking advantage of your very own Anti-Aging Machine which is more available to you than you may have previously thought.  Good luck and we look forward to rewarding you for completion of your story.

P.P. S. – Remember, you can always look back at previous contest winner’s entries to see how they collected their reward and underwent their very own Body Hormone Transformation.