Contest!! Contest!! Contest!!

You have been given your very own anti-aging machine

and what do you do with it…..


 AND THE STORY CONTINUES  with the last sequence of events returning Dr. Moricz safely back to earth by the space aliens.  They were even so kind to return the Body Hormone Balance Anti-Aging Machine when they returned Dr. Moricz back to Texarkana.  So here is your chance to finish the rest of the story and reap a GREAT BIG REWARD.  The contest ends on May 8th 2013!

Spring is in the air and you wake up one sunny morning and hear the birds chirping in your backyard.  You hear some commotion and realize that the Anti-Aging Machine is sitting in your backyard.  Curious about what is going on, you approach the Anti-Aging Machine and as you do several thoughts cross your mind.  The first thought is even though you had seen all your friends and family enjoying life changing transformation through the Body Hormone Balance Program, you had never gotten around to thinking what this would do for your mind and body’s energy and recuperation.  But now here is your chance.

So here is the question for finishing this story:


  • What year do you go back to (using the Anti-Aging Machine) and what life changing outcome do you want to start experiencing from using this Anti-Aging Machine?


  • Hint: It may be the year of your 20 year old blueprint (see chapter 2 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution) and you guessed it, the year may be when you were 20 years old.
  • Hint:  Since the Anti-Aging Machine does the same thing as the Body Hormone Balance Anti-Aging Program – stops aging of the brain and the same for the body, what does this really mean to you?
  1. It gives your brain clearer thinking, focus and razor sharp memory and a boost in mood and sleep.
  2. It recharges your energy stores in your body and avoids any condition associated with inflammation (‘itis’ such as gastritis (inflammation of the gut), arthritis (inflammation of the joints, myositis (inflammation of the muscles) or any other breakdown of your body which usually has the initials itis).
  3. And that translates into youthful recovery and a healthy recovery of the everyday stresses of life.  In other words you look feel and preform like you are 20 again.

So, in other words, by completing this story, you are now crystalizing what your body will be doing right now as the clock is rewound to age 20 with the combination of proper natural chemicals in your body that make your brain and body unstoppable.

P.S. – If you started thinking about your story and needed a little more help as to what “Anti-Aging really is”, please call Alicia at (903) 306-2215 to be sure that you get your hands on The Smart Person’s Guide to Anti-Aging brochure.

P.P.S. – As you finish this story, (and get ready to claim your reward), you may be wondering why so many people before you who had already started enjoying the life changing benefits that the Anti-Aging Program had given them even though they had already received hormonal balance and proper weight control with the other programs as to why they had not asked about it sooner.  But as you complete this story you may already have given yourself the real reason for experiencing the benefits of the Anti-Aging Program or in this case taking advantage of your very own Anti-Aging Machine which is more available to you than you may have previously thought.  Good luck and we look forward to rewarding you for completion of your story.  Remember, the contest ends on May 8th!

The staff at Body Hormone Balance

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