Caffeine in ALL Your Food! YES that’s right…


From gum to beef jerky to marshmallows, packaged food-makers are ready to roll out caffeine in most imaginable food items.  We are already aware of the energy drinks and the craze to increase energy even when we don’t know the underlying cause.

So what about safety?  It is true that most people will tolerate 200 – 300mg per day of caffeine.  When the levels reach 500mg, many people will have trouble with sleep, nervousness and even rapid heartbeat.

So why is it that people are suffering from so much fatigue and exhaustion?  Many times clients who see me in the Body Hormone Balance programs have true underlying nutritional and hormonal deficiencies.  What I have found is once the “root cause” is determined, there is a great improvement in daytime energy and more relaxed sleep.

So why shouldn’t we continue to encourage caffeinated foods and energy drinks?  Well, the answer really lies in what is it really doing for people’s stress glands and their sympathetic system (the control center for stimulation in the body).  See, with continued stimulation of adrenaline in the body, for short bursts, the body never really recuperates and starts to require further stimulation to get the same effect.  And with this adrenaline stimulation, sleep is interrupted and problems with heart rate and blood pressure can develop.  The lack of quality sleep that may be responsible for the daytime energy issues in the first place, which is then often worsened, so this vicious cycle never really stops.

When a proper nutritional and brain chemical analysis is done, the excitation centers and mood chemical balance is analyzed and based on deficiency can be corrected.  In cases of problem with hormones (like the thyroid gland, stress gland and sex hormones) often times there are deficiencies which can explain fatigue and exhaustion, as well as sleep issues.

So why not treat the root cause and avoid this vicious circle in the first place?  In chapter 4 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution, many of these issues are addressed.

So the real question then becomes why would anybody risk excessive caffeine stimulation in the body when it would be easier to treat the root cause and help you feel, look and perform like you did in your 20s?  Well, after you finish chapter 4 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution, you will certainly be able to answer that for yourself.  And you can certainly start to ask yourself whether  the food industry really has your interest at heart, or are they hooking you on something that can cause problems to your health, that will require you to get to the root cause of nutritional and hormonal imbalance in the first place.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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