Update on Dinner Event With Dr. Moricz

Moricz (1)Memo to:  Members of the Body Hormone Balance Family

Over the past few weeks there has been an overwhelming response to the upcoming Body Hormone Balance with Dr. Moricz.  Dr. Moricz is pulling back the curtains for an “over the top” venue with material that is so fresh that he did not have time to put it in Body Hormone Balance Revolution.  Many of you have already gotten a copy and for those who haven’t, remember there is even a kindle version available on Amazon.

Today, we have counted 126 registrants for this much anticipated dinner.  Because the numbers are so overwhelmingly larger than Park Place can accommodate, a larger facility is being scheduled at a later date.

As a favor to us, please indicate which Thursday at the end of May would be preferable based on your schedule.

…………… 23rd of May 2013

…………… 30th of May 2013

The Staff at Body Hormone Balance

P.S. – We apologize for the last minute change but wanted to make sure that we can accommodate everyone safely and promise because of the larger space and new location that you will have an even more enjoyable evening.  Please call (903) 794-7962 to speak with Alicia about any changes in your plans so that we may update our registration list for this event.


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