If You’ve Lost 10% Or More of Your Weight and Regained It 3 Or More Times You Are Risking Death – Or Worse

Body Hormone Balance logoYes, if you’ve lost and regained weight 3 or more times, you’re already a statistic and you’re 30% more likely to have coronary heart disease.  You’re what I call a “lifestyle diet-addict .”  Truth is that more ARKLATEX residents are more diet-addicted than they are to drugs, smoking and alcohol combined.  Repeated failures and relapses are inevitable because diets treat the symptoms and not the cause of the problem…and diets address the food and not the real reason for endless fat gain.

THE PROBLEM isn’t food; I have been proving that for the last 10 years.  The problem is “What is going on inside you that drives your body to continuously store fat.”

THE SOLUTION to sustainable weight loss and control is “Your Hormonal Blueprint.”  The Hormonal Blueprint System is a proven, completely personalized program that roots out your own  body’s unique reasons that have been causing your metabolism to work against you.

Then – without resorting to weight loss scams (unproven diets, pill clinic medication or never ending gym memberships) it happens.  The Body Hormone Balance program gives your metabolism permission to lose fat and let the pounds come off forever. 

HOW LONG does it take?  Most people take golf and tennis lessons for longer than it takes Body Hormone Balance clients to produce impressive results.  VIP scheduling also available for busy clients.

CAN YOU AFFORD IT?  You’ve probably spent more on diets and health clubs.  The real question is, “Can you afford the increased chances of heart attack, strokes, cancer, high blood pressure and a dozen other life threatening illnesses… and the continued destruction of your self esteem?”

WILL IT WORK FOR YOU?  Yes – if you’re really committed.  That’s the most important part of  the Body Hormone Balance screening system.

The Body Hormone Balance team looks forward to having you share and benefit from the life-changing transformation that the Arklatex residents are already raving about.  To begin YOUR Body Hormone transformation, call us at (903) 794-6962.


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