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Contest!! Contest!! Contest!!

You have been given your very own anti-aging machine

and what do you do with it…..


 AND THE STORY CONTINUES  with the last sequence of events returning Dr. Moricz safely back to earth by the space aliens.  They were even so kind to return the Body Hormone Balance Anti-Aging Machine when they returned Dr. Moricz back to Texarkana.  So here is your chance to finish the rest of the story and reap a GREAT BIG REWARD.  The contest ends on May 8th 2013!

Spring is in the air and you wake up one sunny morning and hear the birds chirping in your backyard.  You hear some commotion and realize that the Anti-Aging Machine is sitting in your backyard.  Curious about what is going on, you approach the Anti-Aging Machine and as you do several thoughts cross your mind.  The first thought is even though you had seen all your friends and family enjoying life changing transformation through the Body Hormone Balance Program, you had never gotten around to thinking what this would do for your mind and body’s energy and recuperation.  But now here is your chance.

So here is the question for finishing this story:


  • What year do you go back to (using the Anti-Aging Machine) and what life changing outcome do you want to start experiencing from using this Anti-Aging Machine?


  • Hint: It may be the year of your 20 year old blueprint (see chapter 2 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution) and you guessed it, the year may be when you were 20 years old.
  • Hint:  Since the Anti-Aging Machine does the same thing as the Body Hormone Balance Anti-Aging Program – stops aging of the brain and the same for the body, what does this really mean to you?
  1. It gives your brain clearer thinking, focus and razor sharp memory and a boost in mood and sleep.
  2. It recharges your energy stores in your body and avoids any condition associated with inflammation (‘itis’ such as gastritis (inflammation of the gut), arthritis (inflammation of the joints, myositis (inflammation of the muscles) or any other breakdown of your body which usually has the initials itis).
  3. And that translates into youthful recovery and a healthy recovery of the everyday stresses of life.  In other words you look feel and preform like you are 20 again.

So, in other words, by completing this story, you are now crystalizing what your body will be doing right now as the clock is rewound to age 20 with the combination of proper natural chemicals in your body that make your brain and body unstoppable.

P.S. – If you started thinking about your story and needed a little more help as to what “Anti-Aging really is”, please call Alicia at (903) 306-2215 to be sure that you get your hands on The Smart Person’s Guide to Anti-Aging brochure.

P.P.S. – As you finish this story, (and get ready to claim your reward), you may be wondering why so many people before you who had already started enjoying the life changing benefits that the Anti-Aging Program had given them even though they had already received hormonal balance and proper weight control with the other programs as to why they had not asked about it sooner.  But as you complete this story you may already have given yourself the real reason for experiencing the benefits of the Anti-Aging Program or in this case taking advantage of your very own Anti-Aging Machine which is more available to you than you may have previously thought.  Good luck and we look forward to rewarding you for completion of your story.  Remember, the contest ends on May 8th!

The staff at Body Hormone Balance

Caffeine in ALL Your Food! YES that’s right…


From gum to beef jerky to marshmallows, packaged food-makers are ready to roll out caffeine in most imaginable food items.  We are already aware of the energy drinks and the craze to increase energy even when we don’t know the underlying cause.

So what about safety?  It is true that most people will tolerate 200 – 300mg per day of caffeine.  When the levels reach 500mg, many people will have trouble with sleep, nervousness and even rapid heartbeat.

So why is it that people are suffering from so much fatigue and exhaustion?  Many times clients who see me in the Body Hormone Balance programs have true underlying nutritional and hormonal deficiencies.  What I have found is once the “root cause” is determined, there is a great improvement in daytime energy and more relaxed sleep.

So why shouldn’t we continue to encourage caffeinated foods and energy drinks?  Well, the answer really lies in what is it really doing for people’s stress glands and their sympathetic system (the control center for stimulation in the body).  See, with continued stimulation of adrenaline in the body, for short bursts, the body never really recuperates and starts to require further stimulation to get the same effect.  And with this adrenaline stimulation, sleep is interrupted and problems with heart rate and blood pressure can develop.  The lack of quality sleep that may be responsible for the daytime energy issues in the first place, which is then often worsened, so this vicious cycle never really stops.

When a proper nutritional and brain chemical analysis is done, the excitation centers and mood chemical balance is analyzed and based on deficiency can be corrected.  In cases of problem with hormones (like the thyroid gland, stress gland and sex hormones) often times there are deficiencies which can explain fatigue and exhaustion, as well as sleep issues.

So why not treat the root cause and avoid this vicious circle in the first place?  In chapter 4 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution, many of these issues are addressed.

So the real question then becomes why would anybody risk excessive caffeine stimulation in the body when it would be easier to treat the root cause and help you feel, look and perform like you did in your 20s?  Well, after you finish chapter 4 in Body Hormone Balance Revolution, you will certainly be able to answer that for yourself.  And you can certainly start to ask yourself whether  the food industry really has your interest at heart, or are they hooking you on something that can cause problems to your health, that will require you to get to the root cause of nutritional and hormonal imbalance in the first place.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz, MD

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Update on Dinner Event With Dr. Moricz

Moricz (1)Memo to:  Members of the Body Hormone Balance Family

Over the past few weeks there has been an overwhelming response to the upcoming Body Hormone Balance with Dr. Moricz.  Dr. Moricz is pulling back the curtains for an “over the top” venue with material that is so fresh that he did not have time to put it in Body Hormone Balance Revolution.  Many of you have already gotten a copy and for those who haven’t, remember there is even a kindle version available on Amazon.

Today, we have counted 126 registrants for this much anticipated dinner.  Because the numbers are so overwhelmingly larger than Park Place can accommodate, a larger facility is being scheduled at a later date.

As a favor to us, please indicate which Thursday at the end of May would be preferable based on your schedule.

…………… 23rd of May 2013

…………… 30th of May 2013

The Staff at Body Hormone Balance

P.S. – We apologize for the last minute change but wanted to make sure that we can accommodate everyone safely and promise because of the larger space and new location that you will have an even more enjoyable evening.  Please call (903) 794-7962 to speak with Alicia about any changes in your plans so that we may update our registration list for this event.


If You’ve Lost 10% Or More of Your Weight and Regained It 3 Or More Times You Are Risking Death – Or Worse

Body Hormone Balance logoYes, if you’ve lost and regained weight 3 or more times, you’re already a statistic and you’re 30% more likely to have coronary heart disease.  You’re what I call a “lifestyle diet-addict .”  Truth is that more ARKLATEX residents are more diet-addicted than they are to drugs, smoking and alcohol combined.  Repeated failures and relapses are inevitable because diets treat the symptoms and not the cause of the problem…and diets address the food and not the real reason for endless fat gain.

THE PROBLEM isn’t food; I have been proving that for the last 10 years.  The problem is “What is going on inside you that drives your body to continuously store fat.”

THE SOLUTION to sustainable weight loss and control is “Your Hormonal Blueprint.”  The Hormonal Blueprint System is a proven, completely personalized program that roots out your own  body’s unique reasons that have been causing your metabolism to work against you.

Then – without resorting to weight loss scams (unproven diets, pill clinic medication or never ending gym memberships) it happens.  The Body Hormone Balance program gives your metabolism permission to lose fat and let the pounds come off forever. 

HOW LONG does it take?  Most people take golf and tennis lessons for longer than it takes Body Hormone Balance clients to produce impressive results.  VIP scheduling also available for busy clients.

CAN YOU AFFORD IT?  You’ve probably spent more on diets and health clubs.  The real question is, “Can you afford the increased chances of heart attack, strokes, cancer, high blood pressure and a dozen other life threatening illnesses… and the continued destruction of your self esteem?”

WILL IT WORK FOR YOU?  Yes – if you’re really committed.  That’s the most important part of  the Body Hormone Balance screening system.

The Body Hormone Balance team looks forward to having you share and benefit from the life-changing transformation that the Arklatex residents are already raving about.  To begin YOUR Body Hormone transformation, call us at (903) 794-6962.


A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way!

woman working in garden

If you have not exercised recently or often, then it can be hard to get motivated.  Doubts of whether or not you are exercising properly and being somewhat intimidated by the whole exercise process is very common.  There is good news:  exercise doesn’t have to be lifting heavy weights at a gym or running on a boring treadmill!

There are a variety of things that can count as exercise.  The important thing is that you get your heart rate up.  For some people, this could mean just walking up and down the stairs in their home.  Taking a walk around the block at a good pace is a great way to exercise, especially if it has been a while since you have done a lot of physical activity.  Also, when going to the store, don’t drive around searching for the closest space you can find.  Try parking toward the back of the parking lot and getting in a little bit more walking exercise.

The important thing is that you stay active!  Do what you can and find something that you enjoy.  Even gardening can be exercise!

Stop Losing Out on Life Because of Your Weight!!

couple lost weight

Why let your health, career and romantic pursuits suffer because of excess weight?  Everything in your life is affected by being overweight and it won’t get any easier as you get older!  Now is the perfect time for us to help you shed those unwanted pounds with our proven program. Weight problems make everything you do more difficult and uncomfortable!

Simple tasks like getting out of bed or sitting in a car, restaurant, theater, sporting event, or an airplane become a challenge!  And that’s only half the story.  Unhealthy weight leaves you at a greater risk for diabetes, heart attack and stroke!

Live “Lighter” and enjoy life like never before!  Getting that extra weight off now, can improve the quality of your life – and your longevity.  That is why we are here for you!

Remember when it was fun to try on new clothes?  Exciting to meet new people?  A thrill to travel and having the peace of mind not having to worry about serious health issues?  When you don’t like what you see looking in the mirror and feel at a loss as to what to do next to protect your health – you need to talk to us.  We can help you!

This is your wake-up call.  It doesn’t have to be this way forever!!