A valuable lesson

A valuable lesson from a well-respected member of the Body Hormone Balance family

A couple of days ago I received an email which contained a very valuable lesson.  Here it is…


Dear Dr. Moricz

May I make a suggestion?  A suggestion from someone who has followed you from the beginning?  Learned from you?  Shares a passion about why what you are doing in anti-aging may be more important than any of the other possibilities that you could pursue?

Don’t give up too quickly!!!  Maybe I stopped listening to your emails about your anti-aging discoveries and protocols because I’ve already greatly benefited from working with you.  Maybe I accepted your “prescription for health and wellness” and trusted your direction for making me healthy.  And maybe you made it all too easy to get on the right path for feeling good about myself and getting off prescription medicines.  But if you saw a man clinging to a shark eaten raft in the middle of the ocean, Dr. Moricz… would you INSIST he come onboard your cruiseliner  even if through his delirium he kept refusing to do so?


Take them from the middle of their ocean of complacency and shake‘em up, and mak‘em pay attention, and mak‘em do better for themselves and their family.  Don’t let them refuse to own these.  Don’t let their minds bake in the sun, their parched ideas fried because they haven’t been fed the proper enthusiastic nourishment!

You told people on your list about your personalized dedication and even helped increase their satisfaction by throwing in more and more value in each of the programs that you have offered.

You even turned away people who you felt would not be compliant because they were not willing to have an open healthy skepticism about transformations that other people had already experienced.

Well: Throw them off the list if they don’t accept your free CDs.

You know they should learn from this. YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THIS INFORMATION IS.  And you are brave enough to work with only those people who really want to learn and make sweeping changes in their life.

Dr. Moricz, these CDs are important.  You knew it and now I know it.

One last thing, Dr. Moricz.  Thanks for making them available to all of us.


Anonymous (name protected for privacy reasons)


Dr. Moricz:  I only shared this with you for one reason, because this letter often reminds me that we give up too quickly on people who may want to benefit.  I realize this most from the people who have already benefitted and told me that they wish I had told them earlier and may have been a little more “pushy.”  Studies show on average is one must have a minimum of 7 contacts with someone before they actually take decisive action.  Most people who have something incredible to offer stop after one or two interactions.

A very successful friend of mine had as many as twelve interactions before they are able to get the right people to take the right decisive action.  They keep interacting with them until it is no longer beneficial to the person who might benefit.

It makes total sense, doesn’t it?  So if I had not given up on you and shown you something that might potentially benefit you, maybe you know why.  It really would be a shame if you had something really “golden” that has time and time over again given people some of the best experience that they have ever had.

Dedicated to your Body Hormone Transformation,

George F Moricz MD

P.S. The CDs that she was referring to in the letter was “Why Most Weight Loss Programs Don’t Work” and “The Missing Ingredient that is Killing Men.”  All you have to do is call (903) 306-2215 and have them show you the very information that gave her very happy success story a very much needed start.


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