21 Wellness Blogs to Help You Stay Happy and Healthy in 2019

Female in yoga pose

Health and wellness has become a hot topic in recent years. From contemporary yoga classes to trendy new diets, everyone seems to be on the hunt for the next big thing. But you don’t need a fancy fitness membership or a personal chef to be healthy; sometimes the answer can be found with a simple click of your mouse.

Wellness blogs are great way to stay informed and be inspired when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. From nutrition and fitness to spiritual and mental health, these websites are full of useful resources to help boost your well-being.

21 Health and wellness blogs worth checking out

To save you some time, we identified 21 of the best wellness blogs the internet has to offer. Bookmark this list to keep them handy when you need them most.

1. mindbodygreen

Why follow? With a vision to revitalize the way people eat, move and live, mindbodygreen is all about providing resources for everything from nutrition and fitness to stress and relationships. This is your one-stop shop for all things wellness, and you won’t get bored browsing the clever articles, recipes, tips and tricks.

2. The Minimalists

Why follow? Minimalism isn’t always about decluttering and eliminating. A simple shift of attitude will quickly show you that minimalism actually makes room for more in your life! More time, more freedom and more space to focus on what’s truly important to you. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus started The Minimalists to help others live meaningful lives with less stuff and more growth and passion.

3. Possibility of Change

Why follow? Change is hard, but it’s possible! The Possibility of Change blog isall about empowering people to “Find inspiration and practical advice to make positive changes.” The blog packs a multitude of stories, advice and suggestions to make habits stick and promote motivation and freedom.

4. The Balanced Life with Robin Long

Why follow? As a fitness instructor and mom of four, Robin Long’s motto is “Grace over guilt.” She offers a variety of free Pilates and barre workouts designed to help busy women fit at-home exercise into their regular routine. The Balanced Lifeoffers far more than workout videos, though. You’ll also find a supportive membership community, a blog filled with healthy recipes and intentional living tips and targeted workout series to help you meet your fitness goals.

5. Sonima

Why follow? Not only is this website beautifully designed, but it also features tons of articles and resources on food, yoga and mindful living. Tune in to Sonima for at-home yoga sessions or read up on clever ways to use your holiday meal leftovers. This is your go-to blog for reducing stress on your mind and body and achieving wellness, as well as physical and mental freedom.

6. NPR Shots

Why follow? The health news division of NPR is your go-to source for the state of healthcare across the nation and around the world. NPR Shots will keep you in the know about everything from epidemics and public health concerns to the latest news about the insurance industry. You’ll always be on top of current events in the wellness space if you follow this blog.

7. Furthermore by Equinox

Why follow? Crisp, beautiful design and a host of helpful conversations on fitness and wellness are what you’ll find on this blog. The folks at Equinox believethe body is the ultimate investment, which is why they love providing inspiration and information in an elevated way to help you reach your healthy living goals.

8. Mentality WOD

Why follow? According to Mentality WOD, “Your mentality is made up of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes.” This website is about more than just CrossFit workout routines—it focuses on promoting healthy living by working through pressure and stress, learning about the thoughts holding you back and understanding and overcoming your fears and anxieties.

9. Yahoo Health

Why follow? With a host of articles on just about every subject regarding all dimensions of health, Yahoo Health is your go-to blog for a holistic outlook on healthy living. This website doesn’t just stop with eating and fitness tips—they publish articles on relational health, intellectual health and other fascinating topics.

10. Well by the New York Times

Why follow? Writers contribute to this blog with all sorts of articles on interesting subjects regarding healthy living. “Can You Be Fat but Fit?” and “Turning Your Smartphone into a Breathalyzer” are just samplings of the informative and entertaining articles found on the Well blog.The blog also features “Ask” articles, which answer health-related questions submitted by readers themselves.

11. Pick the Brain

Why follow? With keywords like motivation, productivity, health and self-improvement, you can’t go wrong with this website. Pick the Brain takesa broader approach than your basic “self-help” blog and focuses on psychology and self-education, taking healthy living to the next level.

12. Life by DailyBurn

Why follow? Check out the Life blog by DailyBurn if you want a hearty dose of recipes, articles on gear and gadgets for healthy living and lifestyle tips on everything from sleep to mental health. Overwhelmed by change? This website is perfect if you’re looking to make small, incremental changes to improve your well-being.

13. Everyday Health

Why follow? Everyday Health covers health from A to Z—literally! This comprehensive site is a go-to resource for a wide range of symptoms and illnesses. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Everyday Health also offers articles on mental and emotional health. Add in health tools like a symptom checker, meal planner and diabetes journal, and it’s easy to see that this site has something for everyone.

14. Greatist

Why follow? Greatist focuses its articles on a wide variety of wellness topics, including food, fitness, beauty and workout videos. With articles about playground workouts and the amount of toothpaste you’re using, you’ll find a little bit of everything on this site. You’ll always be engaged, learning things you never even knew you needed to know!

15. Well+Good

Why follow? Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula are co-founders of Well+Good.They launched the company as a premiere lifestyle and news publication dedicated to the wellness scene. The blog keeps up with trend-spotting on the healthy living beat while reporting on modern nutrition, natural beauty, boutique fitness and more.

16. Wellness Today

Why follow? Wellness Today is an affiliate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition,compiling valuable wellness resources for readers. Check out articles written in-house as well as handpicked, credible articles from across the web. This company is thinking big and works to promote global wellness and a shift in community through thoughtful dialogue.

17. Nutrition Stripped

Why follow? After migraines and lethargy led her to rock bottom, dietician and nutritionist McKel Hill finally found her calling: the world of nutrition. She launched Nutrition Stripped as a way to encourage readers to experience their bodies as they were meant to function. She does this through lifestyle articles, recipes, interviews and other handy resources.

18. Fitting It All In

Why follow? Clare, a medical student, started Fitting It All In as she recovered from an eating disorder. She’s passionate about erasing the stigmas around eating disorders and mental health. She also aims to promote healthy living and recovery for those with unhealthy body image and self-esteem. She’s a certified holistic health coach who loves working with women who want to regain their health.

19. Healthy Living by HuffPost

Why follow? You’ve surely heard of the Huffington Post, and their Healthy Living blog lives up to its name. Not only do articles cover tips and tricks for your own health and wellness in all areas, but they also give helpful advice on how to assist friends and family in achieving a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking for a slightly more intellectual or political take on wellness topics, this is your go-to website.

20. Avocadu

Why follow? “Healthy living from the inside out” is the motto of Avocadu foundersLauren and Alex. The pair teamed up to create their own wellness site after watching friends blindly follow confusing fad diets. At Avocadu, you’ll find daily habits to help you live healthier, recipes and food guides to nourish your body and workout videos to help you meet your goals.

21. Yoga with Adriene

Why follow? If reaping the many benefits of yoga is part of your wellness plan, Yoga with Adriene canhelp you get there. With hundreds of free yoga videos at varying intensities, people at all levels can find something accessible for them. Adriene has yoga workouts for every health scenario imaginable, from gentle stretching to relieve stress to kick-starting digestion after a big meal.